How to Setup a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an extremely efficient digital marketing strategy. In this strategy, you send a commercial message to a target group of receivers utilizing the email service. In other words, email marketing promotes the broadcast sending of the mail to a mass audience. However, to make sure that your target audience receives your email directly at their inboxes rather than getting lost or landing in the spam folder, a reliable bulk email server is required. Here is where SMTP plays its crucial role. SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is defined as a set of communication guidelines that permits the software to send electronic mail over the internet effectively. Before we get into SMTP functioning, let us comprehend why email marketing is significant for your web business.

Why is Email Marketing Crucial for Your Business?

Email has become an essential component of web users’ lives. A very high percentage of these lives check and send emails on a daily basis. Involving email marketing under your web business marketing strategies provides you the possibility to double your revenue. Almost all web businesses are incorporating email marketing. Thus, to fight at the forefront in the digital world competition, it becomes necessary that your company attempts to utilize email marketing to reach out to a larger audience in order to enhance its sales. Through a bulk email SMTP server, you can make sure that your subscribers and potential customers are acquiring your emails at the right moment. Email marketing provides your web business with the following further benefits-

  • Cost-effective digital marketing medium
  • Highest ROIs
  • Personalized messaging
  • Expanding product/service engagement
  • Automation (Action based messaging)
  • Traceable (Reporting)
  • Brand awareness
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Reaching potential clients

How to Setup an Email Marketing Campaign?

You have the opportunity to set up your email marketing campaign in the following two ways-

1. Subscription Basis

You can opt for the bulk email server service from any email service provider. The bulk SMTP server provider can let you have a platform where you can send mail. You can use the bulk email server hosting service by paying the monthly fees based on your sent emails or based on how many subscribers or customers you want to send.

2. Set up Bulk Email SMTP Server for Your own

The second possibility to create your email marketing campaign is to set up your bulk mailing solution and send emails as much as you want. You will not have to pay any third party. It is quite cost-effective and you will only have to pay a one-time setup fee. You will have complete control over email marketing as the bulk SMTP server will be your own setup. However, setting up your own bulk emailing server can be a complex process if you do know about the technicalities of the process or if you do not own any existing email sending platform.

How does Email Marketing Work?

Here are the steps following which you can make email marketing work effectively.

Recognize your audience

You must decide in your mind about the customers and the potential lead that you want to target. You must analyze what they require, what they wish to read, and how you can engage with them the best. Your email campaign must depend on your customer desires, likes, and dislikes. And, then you must offer them the ideal solution that they do not know.

Build your list

The second step is to make a list of users and target audience to whom you want to send your emails. You will require to take out the information of these people through various modes such as contact form, sign-up or subscription forms, landing page, lead magnet, and other sources.

Get ready with your email

The third step is to build a decent HTML email template that is attractive enough according to your customer’s likes and dislikes. Always attempt to provide value to readers and keep them engaged in your offered services. Moreover, put a strong ‘Call to Action’ with a button or a hyperlink.

Send the email campaign

As soon as you are ready with your email list and campaign, send the email campaign to your target audience through a bulk SMTP server. You may schedule it for a different date and time to gain a better ROI.

Examine your outcomes

Always keep a track of the results you obtain from your campaign by examining open and click-through rates in order to strengthen and enhance your email marketing campaign.

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