How to sharpen the scissors so that they are not sharpened. How to make household scissors as sharp as ever

Abstract: Scissors are scissors. Household scissors will become rusty or dull after being used for a period of time, which will affect the use. At this time, we often use the method of sharpening scissors to make the scissors sharp again. Knife tools include sharpening stones, sharpening rods, and the bottom of the bowl. You can add some water to lubricate while grinding. If you don’t want to sharpen the knife, you can also use white vinegar, baking soda and toothpaste to sharpen the scissors. This method is more suitable for rusty scissors. Let’s take a look at how to sharpen scissors. For more information please visit, or

1. How to sharpen the scissors quickly

Household scissors will become dull if they are used for a long time, or become less sharp due to rust. If you want to restore the function of the scissors, the common method is to sharpen the scissors, then how to sharpen the scissors? The main methods of grinding scissors are as follows:

2. Grind with a whetstone

The main tools for sharpening are sharpening stones, sharpening rods and grinders. Use a whetstone to sharpen a knife to choose a fine whetstone or a fine oil whetstone. Before sharpening the knife, put the grindstone on its side, sprinkle some water on it, and then turn the scissors over. This is for better sharpening. If you can’t turn it over, you can grind directly. When grinding back and forth, pay attention to keeping the two scissors blades fully cut together. If the blades are worn, the inner surface can be ground against the grindstone three to four times horizontally. It will be fine after a period of grinding.

3. Grind with a sharpener

In the vegetable market, we can often see the boss of the meat selling the knife on a steel rod to sharpen it. This is the sharpening rod. Follow the inclination of the scissors cut and sharpen it back and forth. Note that since the incision of the scissors has a certain inclination, care should be taken to avoid hurting your hands when grinding.

4. Sharpen the knife with a bowl and plate

We can use the bottom of the bowl at home to sharpen the scissors. Choose a bowl with a rough bottom and polish it back and forth against the protruding part of the bottom of the bowl according to the inclination of the scissors. You can add some water to lubricate it properly.

The sharpened scissors are used to cut commonly used items. If you feel the cut is smooth, it means that the sharpening is relatively sharp. If you still feel blunt, you need to continue sharpening. It can also be tested with empty shears. If you can hear a neat cutting sound, it means that the scissors are sharpened faster.

5. How to make household scissors as sharp as ever without grinding

Using a sharpening stone or a sharpening rod to sharpen scissors is a common way to deal with dull scissors, but sharpening scissors is still more laborious. If you don’t want to sharpen it, you can also use the following method to solve the problem of dull scissors:

  1. Pour half a cup of white vinegar into the cup, mix it with a small amount of baking soda, stir well with chopsticks, baking soda and white vinegar can easily remove the rust on the scissors, soak the scissors in white vinegar.
  2. After soaking, we take out the scissors and wipe them with a rag. At this time, the rust on the edge of the scissors has basically disappeared, but we still need to continue processing.
  3. Squeeze a little toothpaste on the soaked scissors, wipe the scissors back and forth with a clean cloth, so that the toothpaste is evenly spread, and be careful not to hurt your hands; toothpaste can remove impurities on the scissors, and finally wipe the toothpaste with paper.
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