How to solve specific problems being a waiter?

  1. Take note of the parents when children order their own food. Some children may order food that is not useful for them or caffeinated beverages or food items that parents may not agree with you should leave a small gap before repeating the order in case the child’s parents may object. If the parents are not interested in the child you should repeat the order with a louder, clearer sound. It was like repeating it for everyone at the table to hear will help them turn their attention. In front of the children if there is an objection from the parents you can suppress their argument. By starting to say to the child something likes, “Sorry, the soda is out of stock now. Can I order something else instead?”

If you don’t agree with a certain child’s food item you should keep your mouth shut. Unless it is prohibited by law, such as serving alcoholic beverages to children. Read some tips related to 호빠 below;

  1. Do not place dangerous objects in the reach of children. If you are serving hot food metal kitchen equipment or bring anything that may be dangerous to children on the table. Try to serve on the side where the parents sit and greet them, for example, “Here I am” in cases where they may need a little attention.
  2. Serving customers with infants faster than usual. Babies or young children tend to have ADHD, so if their meals are delayed Parents and the shop themselves probably have a headache not less. You should be prepared to serve this table a bit more than others. And don’t forget to combine multiple tasks at the same time to save time. Try asking the customer politely. Can I order food and drinks all at once? Instead of having to take orders twice. Introduce alternative food items. In the event that customers order food that takes a long time to cook. This is a special situation where you can take the bill to the customer while they were going to collect the last dish they had finished. But be sure to ask them, Can you keep the dishes? Don’t make them feel like you’re chasing. Most parents will appreciate your prompt service without telling but if they’re upset with the kids you should wait for them to call and dodge. Let them eat at their leisure.
  3. Being a  호빠알바 stay neutral when customers fight for payments. If there are customers at any table competing to pay you should put the bill in the middle of the table. Don’t get too close to anyone if they try to pull you over to help them decide. You’d better smile and tell them you’ll be back soon.
  4. Know how to serve tea and coffee. Most people are quite serious about the tea or coffee they order. And you will score a lot if you know how to serve them in a way that impresses them. You don’t have to serve as usual if you’re serving a loyal customer who knows how to serve them personally which depends on your observation too. Tea drinkers are usually fussy about servings. You should make sure they ask for extra side dishes or ingredients. And prepare fresh milk, lemon slices and a little bit of sugar to support the self-improvement of each person. Don’t add tea or coffee without asking the customer first because they may have already added the right ingredients. Do not place the spoon in the tea or coffee cup itself before serving to customers because it might cool the tea or coffee a little which some customers do not like
  5. Ask the customer if they need water as well when they order caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. This is a good question to ask customers who come to eat in a restaurant. More than customers in pubs and bars many people like to drink water to compensate for dehydration including mood swings caused by such beverages

In some countries, plain water may not be served in such cases. Including may be charged.

  1. Do not pick up items that have fallen on the floor even if it’s just a bottle of salt or a store flyer. You should pick up a new one in the store and put it in instead. Your customers don’t want germs roaming the table.
  2. Practice certain duties outside of work hours. For example, opening a bottle of wine and there are many more about the service that you can practice more easily When you practice serving yourself at home And it also takes less time to learn a waiter who is responsible for opening a bottle of wine. Always have to open in front of every customer at the table when they ordered Practice will help you not be embarrassed and made it smooth and beautiful

9. Play appropriate and varied music. If you have permission to moderate the songs/music played in the store try to open gently and choose an album that fits the season and customer mood don’t play until the end of the whole album but should be mixed with variety In case there are any customers who don’t like the artists that are open will be relieved when playing songs of other artists customers in the cafe or in a restaurant in the early morning and late afternoon often like to listen to music that makes you feel calm, such as classical music, it is not bad. Customers during dinner or dinner tend to like more vibrant music genres. But it varies from place to place most of the time, though, they prefer to have the music playing at a low volume so they can talk more easily or very formal.

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