How to Start a Delivery Service With Ease

Preparing to launch a new business can be both exciting and daunting. There are many decisions you have to make about your business, including what type of services to provide, how much to charge to earn a profit, and what resources you must have before you launch.

Starting a delivery service is a great way to fulfill a critical need for clientele. Local delivery and courier services generated over $115 billion in revenue in the United States in 2020, and analysts expect that number to increase in 2021. Although there are things you must do to prepare to launch your delivery service, using these steps will streamline the process and ensure you’re ready to launch your delivery business.

Decide what type of delivery service you plan to offer and do your research.

There are multiple delivery services, including courier services, luggage delivery, overnight delivery, and long-distance delivery. You may launch a company that delivers one specific type of product, such as food or groceries, or you may launch a business that delivers a range of goods for clients. Research the industry to determine which delivery service appeals to you and is in demand in your area.

You must perform research to be ready to prepare a business plan, and your research should help you determine how to distinguish your company from the local competition to ensure your business thrives. It should also identify your ideal clientele and how you plan to market your services to your clientele.

Your research will also identify essential supplies and resources and their costs. Use that information to prepare an operating budget and create a revenue projection report.

Apply for Financing

Seek financing from reputable lenders. You may opt to apply for business loans from banks, but you should also consider applying for loans through the Small Business Association (SBA). SBA loans offer low-interest rates, ensuring you can afford to borrow the funds required to launch your business. Small businesses may qualify to borrow up to $5 million through a 7(a) loan. These funds can be used as working capital, ensuring you have the money required to pay employee salaries, rent facilities, and purchase equipment. Other SBA loans include 504 loans and microloans.

Acquire Supplies

Invest in the resources you need to launch your business. Your research should have highlighted the equipment you’d need to start your company. For example, if you plan to run a bike courier service, you’ll need bikes, bike helmets, and storage equipment. If you plan to use pickup trucks for delivery services, you’ll need trucks.

You may also invest in a cargo management system designed for a truck bed. Cargo boxes hold deliveries you can secure with the hook and loop straps in Unruli’s cargo boxes, ensuring your deliveries won’t roll around the truck bed while in transit.

Establish a central hub for operations.

Your facility needs may vary based on the size of your operations to start. You may opt to rent a storefront location or find a convenient location to provide direct customer service and keep the bulk of your supplies at a storage facility.

Securing a storage place can be a great way to secure your company’s belongings. Self-storage units are climate-controlled, and many offer 24-hour access, ensuring you’ll have easy access to your supplies any time of the day or night. Using a self-storage facility locator tool is a great way to locate storage units in your area and find the perfect unit to fit your needs. Enter your zip code in a storage facility locator tool and review the storage units in your area. Find a storage unit with an affordable rental fee that’s large enough for your self-storage needs to ensure you have the best storage option for your business.

Hire Employees

Hire experienced employees to perform crucial duties, such as overseeing bill collection, taking orders, and performing deliveries. You should require a clean driving record for any drivers you hire to keep your insurance costs low. You can also opt to contract human resource professionals and have them create employee policies and handbooks. An HR contractor can also oversee the hiring process.

Launch a marketing campaign.

You’ll need an effective marketing campaign to ensure people discover your company and use your delivery services. Contract a marketing team. These experts can develop and implement search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, social media marketing, and traditional marketing effective strategies and raise your company’s profile.

Your comprehensive research provides a critical foundation for your business, ensuring you know what supplies and resources you need. Taking the steps outlined here ensures you’ll be ready to open your doors and perform your first deliveries with ease.

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