How to Store Cannabis?

Wondering how to keep your pot fresher for longer? Here’s what you need to know about storing cannabis.

Cannabis has a use by date. Unlike other products where this is clearly defined on the label, cannabis hasn’t really been tested enough yet to assign it a set sell by date. What we do know is that pot keeps for anything between 6 months and a year without going stale. However, nobody knows the different lengths of time for each strain.

How to Store Cannabis

It’s important to know that cannabis will only keep good if you store it correctly. Things like heat, light, and humidity, will all play a part in how long you can keep your cannabis for. A very clever group of scientists did complete a study which measured how long terpenes took to go off, and you can view the results of this in calculator form, here. The calculator should help you work out roughly how long your weed will last for before it loses potency.

When storing cannabis, it should be dry but sticky. It should be sealed in an airtight container, and it ought to be kept away from strong odors. Store in a cool, dark place, just as you would sensitive foods.

Let’s talk about the best methods for storing cannabis, according to the experts.

Cannabis Storage Methods

Once you have bought your weed and had a smoke, you will want to know what to do with it. You can pick up most storage methods online just as some of the best cannabis products in Canada can be bought online. Here are some of our favorites tried and tested storage methods for weed.

The Airtight Glass Jar

Airtight glass jars are absolutely the best way to store cannabis. The glass protects it from external odors and seals the terpenes and THC in there so that it can’t go anywhere. In general, if you can still smell your weed through your storage method, it isn’t working. If terpenes are leaking out, air is leaking in.

Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs for weed storage are not as good as glass. Glass helps protect against changes in humidity and temperature, while plastic merely emulates the conditions outside the box. There is nothing wrong with an airtight plastic container, but it will not help you cure your weed in the same way as glass will.

Wooden Boxes

Many hardened stoners use wooden boxes and rolling trays to store weed. They tend to use these because they are more forgiving than metal tins. Wood will soak any dampness and help prevent mold growth. However, the wooden box is for storage of the weed you are smoking, not the weed you are curing for later.

Other Weed Storage Factors to Consider

If your weed is damp when you place it in the storage container, it is likely to mold over time. Dry it out at room temperature over a day or two before you stow it. You should open the jar and shake it once in a while to ensure there are no spots of damp. You shouldn’t put it in a wooden box for long term storage as the wood will soak up both the THC and any moisture from the weed.

Humidity Controlled Packs

If you are unable to get the moisture content of your weed correct for long term storage, we recommend you purchase some humidity packs. These little baggies allow you to control the amount of humidity (or moisture) that your weed is exposed to. This is a necessity if you live in a warm country and want to store your weed long term.

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