How to study for class 11 Maths?

Mathematics is the most important subject for class 11 students who opt for a non-medical stream. They have to understand the concepts of maths properly to score high marks in the final exams and to prepare well for the competitive exams. Students in class 11 have to focus on both the final exams as well as the competitive exams. Therefore, they have to work hard to clearly understand the basic concepts of each chapter in class 11 maths. In this article, we will discuss the tips to study for class 11 maths. Students can follow the tips given in this chapter to study for class 11 maths and score high marks not only in the final exams but also in the competitive exams. 

Important tips to study class 11 Maths

Students can use the tips to study hard for class 11 maths. The tips given here can help students to understand the concepts properly and get high marks.

NCERT book

Students of class 11 must solve all questions given at the end of each chapter of the NCERT book. Students must focus on the NCERT book because the final paper is prepared from the concepts given in the class 11 Maths NCERT book as prescribed by the CBSE. Many students are not able to understand the concepts from the NCERT book in English. In such a case, students do not have to worry or panic because they can download the Class 11 Maths NCERT Book PDF in Hindi. They can understand the concepts from the class 11 Maths NCERT book in Hindi. Students must practice all examples given in different chapters for a deep understanding of the concepts. Students can also refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths available on the internet. If they have any doubt, they can refer to the NCERT solutions to get a solution.

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Sample papers

Students of class 11 must solve sample papers. They can download the sample papers for class 11 maths from the internet. They should solve at least one sample paper for class 11 maths daily to practice different types of questions. Solving sample papers will also help students to identify their problems. They can identify their weaknesses and strong points. They can work more on their weaknesses and improve their performance. Sample papers can also help students to understand the exam pattern. They can also notice the time taken to complete the entire paper and this way they can learn to manage time properly in the exam. 

Previous year’s question papers

After doing sample papers, students can also practice from the previous year’s question papers for class 11 maths. Students can easily find previous year’s question papers on the internet. They can solve a previous year’s question paper after finishing the entire syllabus for class 11 maths. This will help students to correct their mistakes. If they have any doubt in certain questions, they can mark the difficult questions and can discuss them with their teachers to solve them properly. This will help students to learn the difficult concepts of class 11 maths. Students can also identify the important topics from the exam’s point of view and they can focus more on the important topics to score high marks. 

Make chapter wise notes

Students of class 11 should make chapter-wise notes of class 11 maths. They can write down important formulas and important points in a notebook or a piece of paper. They can use the notes during a final revision before the exam. The notes can help students to remember the important formulas and points of each chapter and can help them to score high marks in the exams. 

Practice graphs and diagrams

Students must practice graphs and making diagrams that are important in class 11 maths. Students can score full marks in graphs and make diagrams if they properly know how to make graphs. Thus, students can practice making graphs and other diagrams in class 11 maths. 

Study material

Students should choose excellent study material to study for class 11 maths. They should choose other books after finishing the syllabus from the NCERT book. They can study from the given books to practice different types of questions for class 11 maths. They can practice questions from RD Sharma, SL Looney, Das Gupta, etc. Students must practice NCERT Exemplar for class 11 maths as many important questions are given in the NCERT Exemplar that can help students to understand different concepts. 

Consistent study and practice

Consistent study and practice of different types of questions can help students to achieve their aim of scoring high marks in class 11 maths and scoring a high rank in the competitive exams. Therefore, students must be consistent in their study and they should practice questions based on different topics of class 11 maths. Students must solve a mixed bag of questions based on different concepts to check their knowledge and speed. 

Good calculation speed

Students in class11 must have a good calculation speed. They should try to solve the difficult questions themselves so that they can enhance their calculation speed. Many students use calculators at home for finding bigger calculations which is not a good thing because, in the exams, students are not allowed to use a calculator. Therefore, students must try to solve all questions manually so that they can improve their calculation speed. But, students should also avoid making calculation errors because they can lose marks by making calculation errors.

Avoid making silly mistakes

It is very common for the students of all classes that they make silly mistakes while doing maths. Therefore, students of class 11 must avoid making silly mistakes in maths. Students lose a lot of marks by making silly mistakes in their maths paper, they can avoid making silly mistakes by proper focus. Students should read every question very carefully and they should attentively solve the question to get the right answer.

Thus, students of class 11 can use the above give study tips to perform well in the class 11 maths exam. The above-given tips can also help students to prepare for their competitive exams. 

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