How to Take an Over the Shoulder Booty Selfie

Do you want to try taking an over the shoulder booty selfie? Here are a few tips. First of all, pose in natural light. The harsh light of an artificial light source will cause a harsh shadow and color palette. The angle of the camera should be low to make the butt appear large Webshots. And lastly, if possible, try to look at yourself from a lower angle than normal. This will make your butt look bigger.

When taking an over the shoulder booty selfie, remember that your overall proportion needs to be equal. If you focus on your booty alone, you’ll be disappointed by the results. A seamless selfie needs a balance of proportions and shading. The over the shoulder booty selfie isn’t the most flattering, so make sure the rest of the picture is proportional. Once you’ve got the balance right, you’re ready to start slaying 3net.

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