I no longer download movies, series or music. This was not always the case … When I started to use the internet extensively when I was a student, having access to thousands of pieces of music, films, series or manga could make the world go round. head and cause a frenzy of downloads. To watch free movies and series online you can visit soap2dayfree.com

However, the legality of downloading and streaming was already an issue at the time. Internet connections were more than weak before the advent of ADSL and fiber. Downloading a simple song of a few MB could take an hour … Downloading a movie involved being (very) patient and again, there was a one in two chance that the downloaded movie was not the right one …

Today, I much prefer to subscribe to a legal streaming offer , Spotify for music and Netflix , Amazon Prime Video and Disney +   (following the request of my children) for movies / series / cartoons as far as I’m concerned. With a regular income, I find it normal to spend a few euros per month to take advantage of online content catalogs. But we all have different behaviors when faced with this problem of access to culture and cultural works. 

A friend reported to me a few days ago about his difficulty finding a streaming sitefree without having to create an account on the site. Here is a summary of the few tips I gave him to be able to access video content without having to download it.


For this type of site, there is no need to create an account to be able to access the video content of the site. The contents are accessible without registration. On the other hand, you will certainly find advertisements (beware of adware and malware which are often legion on these websites). Advertising makes it possible to make profitable the costs of hosting the website in exchange for a free service (or to make big profits for the most visited sites). You can, however, see my article on tips for having an ad-free streaming site as well as the one on ad blocker software.to know more. Before going any further and finding yourself on a site invaded by advertisements, I therefore recommend that you have at least a powerful antivirus ( a free antivirus can do the trick very well) and an ad blocker to limit the risks. .

If you want to stream content for free, you can go through a free no-registration streaming site that you can find on the web or that your friends will recommend to you. Good deals in this area are often made known by word of mouth and the best streaming sites are generally well known to the public looking for movies, series (the TV series Games of Throne for example is a very popular series. searched on the web) or music.

You can find more online audiovisual content platforms in the article on the  ranking of the best free streaming sites in French .

The problem also arises for sport, for example to watch the Champions League streaming . Football fans are often looking for ways, legal or not, to watch their favorite competition and often turn to streaming websites or an IPTV subscription .

Visiting openload website you can download high quality movies but you can find out all languages movies in skymovies

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