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Huawei Band 6 Review: An amazing Spo2 tracking Smart Band

The smart band is undoubtedly the most popular class for its fitness and value-for-money features concerning intelligent wearables.

HUAWEI was probably not your first brand name for years for smart devices. However, it would be best if you first took your newest Huawei Smart Band, HUAWEI Band 6, seriously this year.

Design Review

We’ve stopped anticipating fantastic designs on an intelligence band product in the last few years. It was typically enough to get a primary display with intelligent functions.

However, check out the HUAWEI Band 6. Interestingly, Huawei has upgraded the 6th band design. It stands out from the competitors with its AMOLED 1,47-inch rectangular display. This display can be noticed on the Huawei Watch Fit display.

This display form factor shows contents with appropriate interface layouts compared to another famous and innovative band, the Mi Band 6. And, more crucially, a thinner dial (10,99 mm) makes the band better adapt to your skin, which lowers the pain considerably You get when You wear bands for a long time and even when You sleep with it.

Fitness & Health features

HUAWEI has been making significant efforts this year to develop its healthcare products. The HUAWEI Band 6 tracks all your fundamental health data, including the set of steps, the all-day location, calorie-burning, everyday stress, sleep, and so on, on a simple wrist that you may wear. It also offers 96 modes, which is pretty unusual in the price range. However, only 85 of the 96 modes support fundamental tracking. The other 11 modes are comprehensive and professional fitness tracking, supported by Huawei’s professional sports algorithms. Under the 11 modes, users can monitor their max oxygen consumption, healing time, and training stress in addition to basic activity tracking.

The band, for example, will provide you with a specific route, speed and duration, stress, relaxation, and more while completing a run. All these data are synchronized to the linked smartphone and create a short video of the dynamic path on the map. This is even detailed.

In addition to daily heart tracking, Huawei Band 6 now enables oxygen monitoring of the blood all day, which is also not possible on Mi Band 6. And the daily monitoring of blood oxygen can function well with their sleep monitoring and provide users with more accurate records and recommendations on sleep quality. Huawei’s TruSleep technology was, according to our experience, more precise and detailed for sleep monitoring. A budget tracker has difficulty measuring oxygen throughout the day.


About the support for the band’s software, the Huawei Health app is one of the most complete and functional fitness tracks on the platform. But the iOS app isn’t as effective as it is on Android. Camera remote control, for example, is not accessible on iOS, and the music control capability is not available either. But the software support is charming if you are using an Android phone, especially a Huawei phone. You may also use Google Fit to link Huawei Health and see the health information in the Google app. But HUAWEI Band 6 does not seem to support the integration with other health applications.

Most importantly, band software itself is relatively essential so that third-party applications are not installed. However, the compact software, on the other hand, will also offer a seamless touch response.

5ATM waterproof protection is supported by the band, which implies it may be used to execute water activities such as swimming. But it is not suitable for activities such as underwater diving.

Battery Life

It is pretty safe to use it for around 10 days with a single charge in a high-use routine.

Because of the functionality and cost-effective fitness tracker in HUAWEI, Band 6 is at the top of our suggested list. The Huawei Band 6 is an authentic, safe option for you in 2021 if you need a secure budget tracker with good software expertise.

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