Information on Taking PMP Certification Exam

PMP Certification

PMP refers to Project Management Professional Certification. It aims to provide a unified standard for project management personnel. It is authoritative at the international stage.

PMP Exam

PMP certification is launched by PMI with a scope covering the whole world targeting project managers. Since 1984, PMI has been dedicated to developing a professional certification program based on exam and strict standards. In China, PMP certification has been carried out since 1999. The national expert training centers authorized by PMI conduct the registration and exam of PMP certificate.


One of the mandatory requirements is 35 credit hours. Only the training institutions authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs can issue a certificate of credit hours for you. Therefore, to apply for PMP, you must register through an authorized training institution. When you are choosing a training institution, remember to check the qualifications of training institutions on PMI website.

Exam Content

PMP exam questions are mainly based on PMBOK published by PMI. Since 2018, the sixth version of PMBOK has been used. A few questions examine general management knowledge and soft skills apart from the knowledge of PMBOK. The exam lasts 4 hours from 9 am to 1 pm. There are 200 choice questions totaling 200 scores.

PMP Test Passing Criteria

Twenty five questions of the 200 are not counted into the score. 61% correct rate of the rest 175 questions is the passing line. The selection standard of those 25 questions is not publicized. PMP also does not publicize the detailed exam results of candidates but whether they are passing or not as well as their compared results with other candidates in the five knowledge fields (Initial, Plan, Execute, Monitor, and Close). From September, 2017, the exam result of every field is marked by one letter. A means you have exceeded the lowest target. T: You have reached the lowest target B: You do not meet the lowest line. N: You need more improvement. That is to say, 5As is the best result.

Registration Procedure

You can register on the English website at any time, and it is valid within one year. It is recommended to sign up 3-6 months before the exam. You need to register on the PMI official website. Fill in the information of academic qualifications, PMP training you have taken part in, project management experience and other information in English. After submitting the application, it will take 5 working days to review and pass it. About 15% of the candidates will be selected by PMI for data review, and their relevant certification materials need to be mailed to PMI.

PMP Exam Fee

Around USD597 for the first time. USD383 for a make-up test.

Delayed Exam

There are three conditions of the supplementary exam. 1. Individual condition is in problem. The candidate cannot go to the exam room. 2. Accidents happening to candidates’ immediate family. 3. The female candidate is pregnant. The pregnancy reaction is severe.

Time of application: The application function will be activated three days before the test date, and will be closed three days after the test date. If you are interested to know about any question, you can visit this site answer my question

Will the PMP Certification Be Outdated?

The validity of PMP certification lasts 3 years. With 60 PDU and USD150, you can re-certificate PMP. PDU can be accumulated by self-studying and reading project management relevant books, attending related conferences, or joining in volunteer activities. As long as you participate in the relevant activities of the training institutions, generally you can obtain PDU. Training institutions will usually notify you ahead of time.

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