Intensive outpatient programs, and who are its suitable candidates?

Intensive outpatient program is by far the most effective method of treating drug addiction that is mild or normal. It is even for patients that go through inpatient programs, which are for severe drug abusers. So, intensive outpatient programs are administered to both, they are given to people who have gone through inpatient treatment programs as well as people who opt for outpatient treatment programs.

The reason they are given to inpatient treatment program patients is because after the treatment, there are mild addictions that are left, some symptoms are still there, so just to clean that off, just to recover the patient fully, intensive outpatient program austin tx is given to such patients to recover fully from it. While for outpatient programs, these patients do not fully get their recovery with it, either they fail to relapse or they just were wrongly put into the basic outpatient treatment program.

Intensive outpatient treatment works in a very different way.

Intensive outpatient goes on for about a week, it is not generally only for a week, week is a schedule of it. For example, in a week, only 3 to 5 days are for the patient, where they can come into the New Jersey rehab facility and get the treatment for themselves. While in basic outpatient programs, the patients have to come daily for 7 days for an hour or two, while in intensive outpatient program, the patient has to come for 3 to 5 days, for about 2-3 hours daily. This period of recovery can go on for a month or two, or even several months depending upon how well the patient does in the treatment. In basic outpatient program, the patient has to come to the rehab center daily for a few months or so as well. They are both generally same in this regard, but the hours spent and the number of days in a week to go are different which is the reason why intensive outpatient program does well against basic outpatient program.

Intensive outpatient program is intense in this regard that the number of hours in a day are increased but the number of days to attend the facility are decreased—hence the word “intense” in the name of the intensive outpatient program austin tx. Patients tend to learn from these strict intense hours and they can’t help but apply these things in their daily lives. Sooner or later, the patients see a change in themselves at the same time people like their friends and family members also see a huge change. This marks the first time when patients get hope that their lives will recover.

Candidates eligible for intensive outpatient program:

Intensive outpatient treatment is for mild drug abuse, depression, and other mental disorders. This is recommended by the health professional or a health counsellor at the rehab facility or otherwise in the following cases:

  • This type of a drug addiction treatment program is for those patients that have recently gone through an inpatient treatment at a rehab facility. This is done so that the patient can finally heal up fully from their inpatient program.
  • Another thing that makes a patient a good candidate for intensive outpatient treatment is when new types of mental illness and addictions arise, and previous habits are still not changed and rectified.
  • This is for people who are surrounded by supportive friends and family members, since there is a lot of free time after going to the rehab facility, rest of the process depends on whom the patient is around.

Therefore, intensive outpatient program austin tx can help you recover from your mild substance abuse, depression, or any other kind of mental illness such as an eating disorder.

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