Is Bingo going to change in 2020? 

With 2020 proving to be an incredibly uncertain year for many people and industries, the biggest question on several keen players lips is simple. Is the bingo industry going to change in 2020?

Bingo Halls Have Shut (Temporarily!) 

In a way, Bingo has already changed massively in 2020 thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. Everybody has been affected in one way or another by this pandemic, though clearly some have been suffering more than others – play slots for fun here.

The bingo industry is one that has taken a hit due to the outbreak. Bingo halls have had to remain shut for most of 2020, though this is only a temporary measure it remains to be seen how popular they will be when they reopen as many of its attendees will be overly cautious older players who will want to remain safe until a vaccine is found.

Although in person bingo has been adversely affected by the pandemic, there is another area of bingo which has actually seen success this year, online bingo 

Online Bingo 

Online bingo has actually thrived throughout 2020, despite many businesses and other forms of entertainment being hampered by the virus, online bingo has actually managed to pick up more players than ever before.

A lot of this growth can be attributed to more people spending time at home with little else to do. There are now millions of players online every day, with the online bingo community growing as well. Beyond 2020 and Covid 19 it will be interesting to see if online bingo can sustain this period of growth, currently it shows no signs of slowing down.

With more people making the switch to online, there seems to be no limit to the online bingo community. 

Virtual Reality Bingo 

Looking to the ways in which bingo could change, virtual reality is a safe bet for being the next big gambling technology. More and more industry heads are looking to have virtual reality technology that can accurately replicate the bingo hall experience, this is particularly important as bingo halls continue to remain shut everywhere.

The issue with virtual reality technology is how it is incorporated into everybody’s home, the technology that is available to the public now is definitely impressive but carries a hefty price tag which will turn off more than a few current bingo players.

The other issue is that virtual reality technology needs to have the most cutting edge graphics and sounds to be able to provide a properly immersive experience. 

Themed Bingo Nights 

When bingo halls reopen again, expect to see a sustained push to increase the amount of customers. This will entail using themed bingo nights to entice players. These can range from anything such as clubs all the way to karaoke nights.

Before the worldwide shut down, there was a successful push for younger players. That will presumably continue once bingo halls are allowed to reopen again full time. 

Final Thoughts 

While no one can predict the future, it is clear that bingo will continue to thrive in one form or another. With so many great technological advances being made don’t be surprised to see even more unique bingo variations in the future.

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