Is it a good time to buy JUNO 2022 – 2030

JUNO is not a common cryptocurrency and one cannot buy the same from any listed popular exchanges in the global market. JUNO is currently listed only on two exchanges namely Osmosis and Sifchain, click here.

What is JUNO?

JUNO is developed on the Cosmos system and deploys public blockchain. This cryptocurrency can run and execute smart contracts that are interconnected. The network is used for this working model to interoperate, be decentralized, and allow efficient functioning of the system. In addition to smart contracts, the network is also capable of running decentralized applications that are robust and deploy foolproof mechanisms.

Listed below are the governing principles that define JUNO blockchain technology –

  • Capability to develop and interoperate using smart contacts
  • Adopt and utilize CosmWosm
  • Provide governance and scalability to all contracts under the JUNO network
  • Define and provide a dedicated zone for each contract in the cosmos technology layers
  • Establish governance model using ATOM
  • Decentralize and effectively manage the distribution of tokens within the network

JUNO price prediction in the coming years

The cryptocurrency market is indeed going to explode in the coming years. Not only JUNO, but there are also other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, and Shiba Inu that are gaining attention from investors across the globe. The growing enthusiasm and craze have helped cryptocurrencies stay in a positive investment environment.

Given the current situation let us look at the possible price prediction of JUNO in the coming years.

The current price of JUNO is at $42 and in the next 90 days, the price of the same is expected to increase at $45 per coin. This is only a short-term prediction. In addition to this, the prices of this coin are expected to surge and reach an all-time high of $170 per coin. Despite the growing volume, JUNO is not expected to replace any other cryptocurrency in the market.

Another piece of advice for any new time investors shall be to invest in JUNO. As part of diversifying your portfolio, you could go about investing approximately 30% of your crypto investment in JUNO. The price is sure promising and will increase in the next 5+ years.

Is JUNO a risky investment?

Like other cryptocurrencies in the market, JUNO is also subjected to huge market risks and price volatility. Another consideration here is its non-availability in common platforms making this not a common investment model. Investing in JUNO is risky and beneficial at the same time. Additionally, there is also a group of active resources and technical expertise working to intensify this investment model.

Backed with technical expertise and also a niche market presence, it is expected that the price of JUNO will go up by 2030. Given the current market conditions, the prices may reach up to $424 by 2030.

Is JUNO capable of making you a millionaire?

Yes, JUNO does possess the capability to make you a millionaire. But what you need to do is to invest a large sum of your funds here. Do not expect to invest $150 in the cryptocurrency and then expect it to provide you with greater returns. What you need to do here is to make an investment of at least $10K and wait for the funds to grow effortlessly.

How to buy JUNO for your investment?

It is important to note that JUNO is not available on all listed and popular exchanges. If you are interested in buying JUNO, then you can easily do so by creating your account with Coin Market Cap. JUNO is listed in this exchange and as an investor, you can easily buy the same from this tool.

Choosing the right platform to buy JUNO is another step. If you are planning to buy any other currency than JUNO then it is advisable to identify a crypto exchange that has both the currencies listed.

Like all other cryptos, JUNO also has its investment risks. As an investor, it is important to understand the pros and cons of your investment and ensure that you invest slowly. Do not haste with crypto investments, unlike other traditional assets crypto investments are subjected to huge market pressure and price volatility.

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