Is it possible to buy Turkish property remotely?

Remote real estate deals were already taking place before the COVID-19 pandemic. Buyers from the US and Canada found it more profitable to buy property online because it was expensive to fly from North America to Turkey. And now the remote purchase procedure is also relevant for residents of other countries. An online purchase is especially suitable for those who are planning to relocate: no need to fly back and forth during the transaction, you can buy a property in Turkey remotely, arrive at once with your belongings and settle in.

Buying a flat remotely in Turkey

To buy a house in Turkey remotely, you need to contact a real estate agency. The agency’s specialists accompany the transaction at all stages and process the documents without the client’s personal presence in the country.

The process of buying a flat remotely

Selecting a flat

First and foremost, the consultants introduce the buyer to the Turkish property market. Based on the client’s requirements, they select suitable options. The property inspection takes place online, via any convenient program or messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, etc.).

The client and realtor agree on a time, and the realtor visits the property to shoot and show the property via video link in real-time. The high resolution allows for a detailed overview of the appearance and condition of the flat, the quality of the finishes, etc.

The customer is in control of the shooting process; he can ask the realtor to show a particular part of the property or change the angle. Online viewings of real estate in Turkey help the client to make a decision about the purchase of the property.

Closing the deal

The real estate agency draws up an agreement that includes information about the property, the details of the seller and the buyer, the terms of payment and the obligations of the parties. The contract is drawn up in two languages: English and Turkish. After the agreement, the agency sends a scanned copy of the document to the buyer. If necessary, the original is sent by post.

Deposit payment

At this stage, the seller and the buyer agree on the payment currency and payment schedule (if the property is bought in instalments). You can pay for the property in euros, dollars, British pounds and Turkish lira.

Payment for the deal

The payment is made by bank transfer in the case of a remote purchase. A Turkish bank may request a document confirming the purpose of the payment (contract of sale).

Titling and obtaining TAPU

For this purpose, the buyer makes a power of attorney to a realtor who will submit the documents on his behalf. This can be done at the Turkish embassy in the place of residence or at a Notary Public. The realtor will also obtain a buyer’s tax number (Turkish equivalent of TIN) for the client. The TAPU documents are then submitted to the cadastral office by power of attorney. The flat must be fully paid for at the time the certificate is received. The process takes 3 – 5 days.

The TAPU is the title deed to the property you have bought in Turkey. It is the only document which recognizes you as the beneficial owner.

All real estate deals are controlled at the state level and take place at the state institution – Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü Cadastral Office.

Documents for registration:

  1. the passport of the buyer;
  2. tax number (can be obtained from the local tax office, presenting only your passport).

There are two types of TAPU in Turkey:

  1. If you buy a property in a residential complex, hotel or commercial property, a red-coloured document is issued;
  2. Land or garden property: a blue TAPU.

The details are given in the document:

  • Address of the land plot on which the acquired property is located
  • Passport-size photo (2 colour photos are required)
  • Information about registration of the land plot in the cadastral municipality
  • Condition of the land plot (information from the cadastral office)
  • The area of the land owned by the new owner (proportionate to the size of the home purchased)
  • Condition of the property owned by the new owner (type of ownership)
  • Value of property acquired
  • Information about previous owner(s)
  • Information on the new owner(s)
  • Date when the previous owner acquired the property
  • The TAPU number when the previous owner was registered (changes with each ownership transfer)
  • The registration details of the new TAPU
  • Date when the property was acquired by the new owner
  • Signature and stamp of the authorized representative of the land registry office.

The Tolerance Company-licensed real estate agency offers all our clients professional guidance throughout the whole process from the selection of the property to the transfer of the ownership right in Turkey.

Signing a contract for utilities

The management company can rent out the flat itself and pay the utility bills.

Is it possible to book a flat in Turkey remotely online?

Many buyers wonder how to book a flat in Turkey online. If the client has chosen a flat or villa and intends to buy it, the property can be booked. To do this, a deposit of 5-10% of the value of the property must be paid. If the buyer refuses the flat, the deposit is not refundable. If the seller refuses the deal, he returns the deposit to the buyer plus a fine of the same amount.

The benefits of buying a real estate in Turkey  remotely

  • Saving time. You don’t have to spend it on flights and visits to facilities. You don’t have to plan your holiday to make time to see the facilities.
  • COVID-19 is still a risk, and flying involves contact with a lot of people. By buying your property remotely, you won’t risk catching a virus when you travel.
  • The estate agent takes care of all the paperwork.

The Tolerance Homes real estate agency carries out remote purchases of Turkish properties. Due to modern technology, online buying has become a fast and convenient way to buy a home. Contact us and we will help you choose a property in Turkey from a builder.

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