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Life is pointless and there is no point to it. This may sound like a depressing thing to say, but the fact of the matter is that life has never been worth living. Sure, we have some good times in our lives, but those are always overshadowed by bad moments such as heartbreak or job loss. We spend so much time chasing after things that don’t really matter when we should be looking for happiness within ourselves instead. The best way you can find peace and contentment in your life is by taking care of yourself first and foremost; then everything else will fall into place on its own!

Some people might say the idea behind living a meaningful life is to make a difference in this world, but what difference have you made lately? If you’re not famous or rich or powerful, then chances are nobody has ever heard of you before. So if making a difference doesn’t matter, neither does life itself.

Surely it wouldn’t be so bad if everyone just stopped trying altogether though, right? It’s just a big conspiracy that those commercial companies have been putting out all these advertisements telling you to live your dreams and do what makes you happy, when the only thing they really want is your money. If anything, we should be more like robots whose job it is to work until they die. Robots don’t care about anything because they don’t have emotions; so why are humans any different?

Trying to find some meaning in life will only lead to some sort of misfortune anyway. People who set out on a mission looking for something usually end up disappointed with the end result. Why spend your whole life stuck on some boring desk job that you hate just because society has trained us that this is how everyone lives their lives?  There are so many people who are unhappy because they spend their whole lives working just to keep food on the table. It’s all just a simple matter of supply and demand, there’s nothing you can do about it.

You know what, maybe life isn’t even meant to be lived and life is pointless! That would explain why we have so much suffering in this world. Maybe every living thing is put here for some greater good that we’ll never understand until death takes us away from this place forever. Think about it: if humans really were worth something then why aren’t we being kept alive artificially? Why don’t we have any technological advances that can keep us going indefinitely? There must be a reason why nobody has been able to figure out how to achieve immortality yet! It’s probably safe to assume that death is the only way we’ll ever find out, but nobody knows when that will be.

Some may say people work jobs in order to provide for their families. But these people are borrowing trouble if they think working all day is worth providing for someone else after doing way more work than needed.

If this all sounds a bit too depressing for you then don’t worry about it too much! The main thing is just to have fun with life before you die. Sure, one day everyone will have died and there won’t be anyone left on Earth to enjoy anything anymore; but until then we should try and make the most of our little slice of time here on Earth while we still can. We may not ever know why we go through all of the trouble in our lives, but maybe it’s enough to simply exist and see where things wind up.

We hope these facts prove just how pointless real life actually is. Taking some time out of your week pour over these instants and contemplate what your existence really means. Maybe there is no point. But if everyone assumes that there is a purpose but nobody can really prove it, then how can we all be so sure?

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