Is Link Building Going to change, or even die, in the future SEO updates?

Evolution is not an idea or a guess, it is a fact, and this fact does not limit itself to life on Earth. When Charles Darwin or Alfred Wallace at first had offered their vital study to the world, a sea full of censures had tried to bury it underground. And now, when we look at things around, we see evolution — Beings evolve in and around nature, players evolve per the opposition, and SEO evolves too — How SEO would treat your backlinks now, if suppose you Buy Backlinks in, would be different from how it might had treated ten years back. But do the basics of how things work for humans change?

The last time it was checked, there was this Google’s Core update June 2021 and it was around the page load time and the user experience. What was it that had called for such an update? The core of human experience aims for ease, comfort, clarity, purity, and many other good-hearted things. When a company introduces its goods or services, it looks for the user’s feedback to refine that product or service. This launch-feedback-refine mechanism saps almost all the product or services (leaving fraudsters indeed). But how has SEO, and back-linking primarily, evolved around? And where to is it leading?

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in the dorms of link building.

What is link building but to tell other residents of the Internet that we are here, we do this, and you need to tell others that we do this, so they come visit us in the times of their needs. But human is the race that is greedy and can think at depth at the same time. A snake can think of some lizard beside and how to eat that lizard before another snake; but we can think of how to bait, trick, become an ally, and to analyze and fool the SEO using the way it works.

When Google was a sheer novelty and SEO an attempt to provide a better user experience, there a world full had tried to use foul blackhat tactics – like keyword stuffing, using hidden text by making it the same color as that of the background, link farming, etc. Here is a fun trivia: SEO is older than Google is. SEO is not some product, but it is a thought manifested to help users stay happy in the internet world. When the internet was a novelty and websites were few, there was this idea of how these websites should be indexed. Google truly came around 1998 before the world. But, if had Search Engines not evolved with time and kept using their earlier SEO structure, the Internet would have been on its sheer spiral descent toward its annihilation – People would have been running crying away in dejection, curses would be around about how ugly this internet is, and those tricksters would be fooling people still. Websites were there to buy backlinks – in, experts say that those backlinks were pure spam.

The period between 1998 to 2003 was nurturing the spammy websites. Search Engine companies were novel into this field and their rules were full of loopholes that people would use to rank higher up in the results. People were laughing around the barbeque with a beer in hand about how their brilliance made it easier for them to rank higher in the result and earn, but then the year 2003. In 2003 Google revealed its first SEO update. Called Florida Update, it was introduced to spotlight and shoot those websites using irrelevant tags and stuffing content with keywords. Now the air had gone heavy with the cries of many about the sudden fall they were seeing in their website rankings. The barbeque had got rust and beer gone stale. Those quivering feet were seeking the streets for the reason that was behind their cries, but Google had some more vicious plans ready for them.

Jagger update was released in the year 2005, and many relations were falling down, many links had suffered. In the present times, you can opt for some Best Link Building Packages, buy backlinks in for example, and then relax back to see your website’s ranking surge over time. But back in those early days, SEO agencies were few and those too were using blackhat methods majorly. Jagger update was an attempt to arrow down those unusual links, spammy links, reciprocal links, and farmed links.

“We thought the nightmare was over, but then came the giant called EAT”

Google’s main concern has been quality user experience for long. Whenever it introduces an update, it usually hovers around how those approaching it for some queries could be freed back smiling and satiated. But what exactly is this EAT principle?

EAT is an abbreviation of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The words alone suggest that it aims at providing quality content to its users rather than bland qualityless content. It targets link building in proper. People no more could create tens of websites and then link them back to each other, they no more could create reciprocal links from low-quality websites, and they no more could use foul politics in the world of link building. Now the pure prowess would be rewarded alone, the pure intentions would be prioritized. It was no more like planting a yearling and telling the world that here ripen sweet mangoes; now it was to plant the seed, water it, buy some farmer’s expertise, and see the tree growing.

The future of link building and SEO.

Although the world around seems settled, but cosmos is drenched in disorder (or the order of some sort that we are inapt to grasp) and is in a constant flux. We never know when things could change. With the rise of A.I. and deep machine learning, there could be a day when they together could judge the content of the page and know if the content on one particular page is better than that on a decades-old website! A.I. is working on semantics, the real meaning behind the words and the context around, deep learning is working over the user behavior, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) is trying to understand the language as a human does. With this on place, possibilities are many. But for now, link building works on a trust score that depends on many factors that SEO agencies do breathe all time around. Go for high-quality links with a good trust score. It is not easy, but it will give your money back in multiples. These whitehat practices save your website from being penalized and getting banned at last. Buy Backlinks in and focus on the things that need your creativity.

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