KBC Lottery Winner List – +19188444470 Check KBC head office WhatsApp Number helpline

Dear users, today we are announcing the new KBC lottery winner 2021 with novel and very easy method choices. Now you don’t essential to register to be a share of KBC Lottery 2021 K KBC has now launched uniquely since we are affiliated with all SIM schmoosing companies. By 2021 your SIMs are previously listed with KBC Fortunate Draw.

Postpone the award victors and rearrange their faults and get the undecided prize. This can only be done through our site page. Our KBC official website can assistance you in every feature of life-related to KBC Lucky Draw 2021.

Once you call us you will be efficient with your newest KBC Geo Lottery number and you can also checkered that sum in the database we provide.  Sound us to become your lottery number and be a part of KBC Lucky Draw 2021 now

How to resolve the Jio KBC lottery victor problematic?

Customers are being informed about their lottery through their fraud. Customers are frustrated about their rewards, they don’t distinguish what to do currently. They follow the path of the invaders. Stay calm and interaction an true KBC head office number mumbai/kolkata at +19188444470. The KBC lottery department is instructing you about the accident. Imitators do not have to pay any price. The KBC Geo Department is not responsible for that payment. If you receive any phone call or WhatsApp call, interaction us directly, get respite from us by calling our official number WhatsApp or landline number.

How can you protect Jio Lottery winners from fake WhatsApp calls?

Some fraudsters may call you on your WhatsApp number and give you the good news that your name is listed in Geo Lottery Winner 2021 or Idea Lottery Winner or Vodafone Lottery Winner etc. However, it is important to be aware that if you receive these types of calls, you need to take immediate action and call the WhatsApp number at Jio KBC’s head office.

Top 10 Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2021 25 Million List Today

We regularly update the list of KBC winners. Now we see the list of the top 10 KBC lottery winners of 2021.

  1. Mr. Mayank Chauthani Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Lucknow Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  2. Mr. Arbaaz Khan Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Kolkata Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  3. Ms. Pushpa Jatav Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Chennai Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  4. Sundari Parineeti Chopra Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Pune Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  5. Mr. Malhar Manoj Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Delhi Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  6. Mr. Himanshu Singhania Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Ahmedabad Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  7. Mr. Kartik Krishna Raut Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Surat Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  8. Ms. Sonam Kapoor Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Srinagar Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  9. Happy Mrinal Tagore Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City Mumbai Winner Date 07 May 2021.
  10. 10.Mr. Vijay Singh Lottery Winner 25 Lakh City New Delhi Winner Date 07 May 2021.

Now we calculate every month where we have selected 5 lucky people who can win 25 lakhs, 7 numbers who can win 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs which you can include. Are you still thinking? Don’t miss the opportunity to see your name and your name in KBC Lottery Winner 2021. So, visit our site and get a chance to become a millionaire.

KBC official website and KBC 25,00,000 lottery

The official website of KBC was launched after the coronavirus came to India in 2020; The KBC website has been set up to help the poor. On the official website of Kaun Banega Millionaire, the lucky draw was made on 5000 SIM cards, of which three random numbers won 000 2500000. On this website, you can check your KBC Lottery Online, KBC Lottery Winners List, KBC Official WhatsApp Winners List. So you have a very safe option to play with KBC and win Big Prize Money of Rs 25 lakh.

Apart from this website, there are other KBC official websites besides KBC fake calls and fake messages:

Dear visitors, who receive calls from unknown numbers or individuals, let you know that you are a KBC Lucky winner and that you have also won the KBC Lottery and asked you to visit a website. So please ignore it always. Nowadays, scammers are playing with innocent people.  If you give your account details to a fraudster, first you block your debit card when your card is blocked then contact our customer care on our KBC official website. Watch the lottery online and increase your chances of winning.

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