Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Mower

A tranquil lawn with well-trimmed grass is often the dream of every person, but they fail to know the right way to establish it. A good lawnmower is always the secret to such development, with a few other measures to be put in place. There comes confusion in choosing the right lawn mower. This article elaborates on the key features to consider when choosing a lawn mower.

Lawn mowers are of different types according to functionality. According to the mode of making, the classes include cylinder, rotary, and hover lawnmower. According to the way of power, its types include electric, cordless, petrol, and push lawn mowers.


This feature applies to electric and petrol lawn mowers where the propagation method is fully automated and therefore does not require any pushing force to be used. The only action of the operator is to guide it in the desired direction. This type of machine is well suited for large lawns and heavy mowers. Some models also have adjustable operation speeds.

Grass box

Some lawn mowers are designed to collect grass and other cuttings after cutting them, while some are made just to cut, and they will be collected later manually. It is essential to have a mower that collects as it saves time and workforce. Any buyer should choose a mower with the desired grass box capacity to reduce emptying between working times.

Mulch mowers

The operation principle of this mower is that the grass is chopped into fine clippings, which are then pressed down to the lawn as mulch. This action helps during the dry season to conserve soil water to prevent the drying of grass and add nutrients to the soil after decomposition. This will maintain healthy grass on the lawn throughout the year. This machine is, however, more expensive.

Cutting width

This refers to the length of a single stripe made by a lawnmower on the pasture field. The longer the line, the less time is required to mow a lawn. The machines are of different sizes, with the most miniature measuring 300mm and the longest measuring above 400mm. The longer the cutting width, the higher the lawn mower prices in Nairobi.

Cutting height

This refers to how high the grass will be after using the mower. It is of good essence to purchase a lawnmower with adjustable cutting height. They are made with adjustable blades with cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 60 mm. This will allow you to leave longer grass during dry periods.

Rear roller

Some mowers are fitted with rollers of varying weights. This feature applies to a striped lawn with different colors and grass species like the football pitch. It will cut well up to the edge of the stripes and leave a lasting line. The heavier the mower and roller, the longer the streak lasts.

Robot lawnmower

This type of machine uses the latest technology where they have been programmed to recognize obstacles and lawn edges. This saves time and the workforce required in mowing the lawn. The only requirement is the setting up of the perimeter wire. They have been made cheap, but they remain unaffordable to the majority.


After achieving the goal of purchasing the right mower type, you need to know the technique applicable to mowing. It is good to do mowing regularly to promote fine-leaved grass and keep away lush, dense grass. It also stops weed and moss growth.

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