Key Things to Note About Decra Roofing Tiles

Buying of an item requires the buyer to plan beforehand and be acquainted with the item yet to be purchased. This is usually done to caution against buying counterfeits which are now numerous in the market.This article therefore expounds on everything you should know about Decraroofing tiles before buying them.

Because of daily technological advancements, roofing tiles are continually replacing roofing iron sheets. There are many sprouting roofing tiles companies daily. It is thus necessary that one gets acquitted with legit roofing tiles that meet their roofing needs. Their most distinguishing features are outlined below.

  • Types

Decra roofing tiles come in different types. There is Classic which isdesigned for households in need of a mixture of the vintage and the modern technology. Milano is versatile, interlocking and strongwith a traditional Mediterranean look. Shingle is attractive and strong. Slate has the old European roofs looks with random color patches. There are also Heritage and Shake.

  • Accessories

Apart from the main roofing tiles, there are roofing accessories to be installed for attractive finishing. Angle trim and Barrel trim are put on the hip of the roof to give a clean finishing after which, an angle trim end or barrel trim end is inserted to make it secure. Side flashing is used where the chimney meets the roof. And Valey-plain for removal of rain water from the roof.

Decra foil is inserted on the roof to reflect 95% of sun heat hence improving the air conditioning of the house. Roof window is inserted to allow natural light, providefire escape and for ventilation. Sun tunnel is used to direct sunlight to where it is required which helps save on energy consumption and aids in ventilation as well.

  • Material

The tiles are primarily made of Alu-Zink steel. This adds to their strength to ensure they are not easily broken. These roofing tiles are finished with volcanically formed stone chips which are mined from New Zealandquarries. The chips are used for beauty, to prevent the tikes from sticking together as well as to protect the tiles from UV rays since they are naturally formed.

  • Specifications

The features of a single roofing tile are as outlined below.

The overall length is 132cm, cover length is 126cm and the width of thecover is 37 cm. it has a roof cover of 0.42m2 and coverage of 2.2 tiles per m2. Each tile weighs 2.9kg with a steel thicknessof 0.4mm, substrate thickness on the other hand is 0.43mm.

  • Color

There is a wide range of colors to suit the taste of every buyer. The available colors are:tiger, charcoal, greenstone, artic blue, terracotta, sapphire, rosso, Caspian green, pebbie, teak, cedar, deepforest, pepper, antico, ashwood, sage, burnt oak, sienna, burgundy, garnet, Persian blue,

  • Additional features.

On top of its primary value of being a durable roofing material, the roofing tile comes with additional value. They are fire and hale proof. This ensures that the occupants are safe at all times. It also had a warranty of up to 50 years. This goes a long way to speak of its durability. It is also very affordable despite its outstanding features.


With all these amiable features, you may  consider these roofing tiles for all your subsequent roofing solutions. For more information, check https://roofingtileskenya.com

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