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Learn How Western Hats Suit you the Best

The Western hats, also known as the Cowboy hats, have evolved from giving sun protection to a fashion statement. Usually, womens western hats are made of felt, straw. However, you may also come across cowboy hats that are made of leather too. It was initially designed in the year 1865. The usage of western hats has changed since that time; however, the design and the construction of the hat remain the same.

A cowboy hat is a style statement, and one must wear the hat that fits the best. Else, the hat can easily topple from the head. This block will give you a detailed overview of different western hats and which one shall fit you the best.

Western Hats – How should they fit?

Let us see the general nomenclature of the Cowboy hat as to how you will ascertain that the hat fits the right way.

  • Tight Around the Head

Let us throw some light on the buying technique. As you purchase a womens western hat, check if it is tight around the head. The information is, it must be uncomfortably tight. Once you start wearing the hat, it tends to expand. As it expands, you will feel comfortable wearing it.

At the same time, the type of hat you purchase also matters a lot in this regard. For example, the felt hat is heavier, and even if the hat expands more than your head’s circumference, it may not fly away. But, that is not the case with straw hats. At the same time, leather hats take more time to expand than the other categories.

  • Correct Tilt of the Hat

Firstly, you must wear the hat in the right direction. Are you wondering how to ascertain the right direction for the circular hat? The western hats have a bow in one end. It signifies the backside of the hat. So, you must wear it in such a way that the bow is at the back of your head. The bow looks like a tag in your shirt. So, it is easy to identify too.

Secondly, you must tilt it the right way to create a fashion outlook. You can tilt the hat up or down depending on the mood or style you wanted to establish. The brim of the hat must be up or down, simple as that. The former style is quite casual, while the latter looks mystique and elegant.

Select the Right hat

It is an essential aspect as you look for a western hat. It must suit you in the first case. The good news is there are varieties of cowboy hats that suit almost all types of faces.

Before we get deeper into this factor, you must be aware of two important terms associated with Cowboy hats.

1. Crown: It is the part of the hat where your head fits in. The hats have different crown lengths, and you must select the one that suits the shape of your face.

2. Crease: This is the indent you will find in the crown which shapes the crown.

As such, you may know what a brim of a hat is.

1. Long and Elongated Face: If this is your face shape, then the hat with medium crown height suits you the best. Ensure that the hat sits very low on your forehead. The other side of wearing a hat with too short or too tall crowns will accentuate your face shape and may not look pleasant. Experts suggest purchasing hats with curved brims that are wide.

2. Round Face: if this is the shape of your face, then go for an asymmetrical hat. Yes, the symmetrical face of yours shall match the best with its opposite. Get the one with a tall crown. Ensure that the brim is slanted, and wear the hat by tilting the brim backward. Do not buy the ones with wide brims; at the same time, say a big no to the rounded crowns as well.

  • Wide Face: It is also called a diamond shape. Elongate the short-looking forehead with a wide brim hat. Let the crown be a bit shallow.

3. Square Face: Rounded Crown Hats add elegance to your face. A wide soft brim must be the best fit too.

Types of Hats for Different Occasions

Now that you are clear about which Western hat you would wear, it is imperative to know when to wear it. But, more importantly, the type of hats also differs with occasions.

Ideally, there are two types of hats.

1. Straw Hats

2. Felt Hats

You can wear straw hats during the summer. The hat’s construction is in such a way that it is loosely woven and has designs in it. Care to be taken while wearing it is a fear of the hat flying away in light to a heavy breeze.

The felt hat gives the perfect, elegant, and classic cowboy look. It is heavier and is highly durable. You can wear it during the summer as well as in winter. The best part is, it protects you from the sun during the day and keeps you warm at night as well.

Tips to Take Care of Your Western Hat

1. Brim brings elegance to your hat. Do not place the brim resting on any surface. It might lose shape, and the hat shall lose its charm. Instead, keep the hat upright and hang it so that the brim in the top and bottom are not affected.

2. Hold your hat with the brim. Holding it with the crown might spoil the crease.

3. You can air clean the hats when not in use. However, do not place it on any hot surface as it may expand more quickly.

Cowboy hats have always been an excellent accessory for women. Be it safety or beauty; the hat has all in it. First, however, one must know how to wear it and, most importantly, the one you must purchase depending on the shape of your face.

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