Level 2 Electrician: Duties And Their Requirement

In today’s time, there is nobody who does not have access to electricity in their homes. Almost every person has an electric connection and many different electronic devices. These electric devices are needed to be maintained timely for their better working and efficiency. Therefore everybody knows that an electrician is essential for home equipment and other electrical connections. But a level 2 electrician is more qualified than other electricians and carries out difficult tasks for a simple electrician.

A level 2 electrician joins or disconnects the electric connection of the house with the main electric pole. They also carry out overhead and underground electric services and perform electrical meters and electric poles tasks. There are many different tasks that a Level 2 Electrician Bankstown performs such as, working with electrical machinery, replacing defective parts of huge machinery. Apart from this installing motor generators in houses and at public places also comes under their responsibility.

Know Some Of The Key Duties That A Level 2 Electrician Perform

  • If at a place and a circuit breaks or any transformer issue is solved by level to electricians. Besides this, they also have to maintain and install motors and generators equipped at great public places such as parks, halls, and many more.
  • Working with great machinery such as road-building machines and high loading machines also come under their field. Installing any part into them or fixing any issue that occurs in the machine is done by level 2 electricians. Fixing meters in homes or at public places is also managed by level electricians.
  • Connecting electricity from a house or detaching the house electricity from the main connection is performed by them. Any issue that is faced into the main connection of the house due to any short circuit or Harsh weather is maintained by level to electricians. If the electric houses also suffer any problem in supplying electricity through the Transformers then also level to electricians comes to use.
  • Performing electricity fixation under the ground, overhead above the Transformers, fixing Mount motors or circuits. Fixing large motors or installing them at the control house, setting troubleshoots problems, or a level 2 electrician easily solves any other issue.
  • Apart from the last task that another electrician could not perform, the level electricians also perform simple house electric services such as installing an air conditioner into the house or replacing the wiring system of the complete house.

Why Does a Person Hire a Level 2 Electrician?

There are many reasons that people hire level 2 electricians. Usually, the ones that are electricity providers require the help of a level 2 electrician. But, on the other hand, in the normal country, people only require electricians to help fix or install devices into their houses that can easily work with the normal ones.

1. For Supplying And Installing Private Pole

People often suffer from this condition, but they could not access the electricity due to fewer poles around the surrounding area. In such a case, people decide to install a private pole that will connect to the nearest public pool for better access to electricity and their houses and surroundings. This type of task could not be carried out by a normal electrician as it requires connecting the wire from the main poles and then connecting them to the houses.

It is a very troubling and risk-involved task; therefore, it is only performed by level 2 electricians with higher qualifications than the normal ones. People usually get concrete or a timber pole for the purpose and get around a hundred amp supplies sufficient for a normal household. One could either get a single-phase or a three-phase cable connection; these people easily perform both.

2. Upgrading  Mains Of Consumer

This type of service is usually required when a person connects the house with the main electric supply or wants to change the connection. Apart from this, if the main connection gets any default with the house connection, the mains also need to be upgraded. Usually, this is required when a person gets into any fault with his or her home connection or wants to change the connecting wires. Then, the normal electrician could not take the risk of connecting the house with the main connections.

Several times it is seen that people need to upgrade the house connection for better connectivity. So it is also when the user changes their connection from a single phase to three phases or from three phases to a single phase for increased power supply. In such a case, a single electrician could easily perform the task unless and until the house is connected to the main supply.

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3. Overhead Services

The overhead services are the poles that connect electricity from state to City and City to town, and town to villages. These are the wires that have the capability of holding a high power supply to a large distance. These wires are connected from a long distance through poles and are suspended in the air. Therefore, the electric wires that are connected to the main power supply are of very high voltage.

The ones that are connected from high voltage to the houses are of low voltage. Therefore, if any default occurs in any of the poles, there would be an electric issue in the whole City and sometimes even in the whole state. This is a very risky and hard task; therefore, it is only performed by a level 2 electrician. No other electricians can perform such a task, as they are not trained for this kind of work at all.

Concluding Lines

These are some of the main tasks that level electricians perform. Being a level 2 electrician is very risky, and one needs very high skills and experience to carry out the task that these people perform. Connecting, disconnecting, and repairing any fault in the main wiring includes a very high voltage current that can risk the life not handled carefully. That’s why; only level 2 electricians are permitted to perform such a task that involves a very high level of risk.

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