list of the best 5 web services for a LEGAL streaming

In this article I propose a list of the best  streaming movie sites services, in Italian and in HD (high definition) . The most important thing? You can watch movies, TV series and telefilms for free, but above all in a legal way . You can visit 123movies or to watch free movies online.

Watching streaming movies (and TV series) for free and in high definition on your PC is anyone’s dream. Replacing the cinema with the sofa at home is a priceless feeling. There are many sites that offer a streaming service to watch HD movies in Italian and sub ita , that is, with subtitles.

Have you recently seen a movie that particularly impressed you? It happens to me all the time since I love any kind of film and I devour dozens of them a month. If we are similar you can understand me well.

In this case, you will have often searched YouTube for some movie clips to download along with the soundtrack. Try these  techniques to download YouTube videos and music for free  and take your favorite songs with you always!

But how many of these are legal? I’ll answer you immediately: very few. Fortunately, there are web portals where you can watch streaming movies for free and in a completely legal way.

Streaming Movies: Is It Legal?

On some websites you need to take out a subscription, then pay a fixed fee per month. On others you can watch your favorite movies and TV series without spending anything . Free. But the most important point is the ability to watch a movie legally and without harming the film producers. In addition, in most cases, you will be able to watch movies in very high definition .

This is because in many cases the films are free of copyright or are offered in exchange for advertising. In this article we will explore the topic of how to watch a streaming movie , an anime, a TV series or a cartoon without risking being fined or damaging the film industry.

You only need a standard speed ADSL connection and a PC, tablet or smartphone. At this point you can access huge catalogs made up of films of all genres , eras and nationalities to watch on-demand on many different devices.

All in a completely legal way , in high quality and without spending too much: in some cases the service is even free !



Who doesn’t know Netflix? It is the most popular on-demand streaming service with an impressive catalog of movies and TV series, to be watched without any limit for a monthly subscription. If you use it too, find out how to watch the best 4K movies and TV series on Netflix !

Its strong point is certainly the audio and video quality : very high and able to satisfy any type of user. Even those who have a not great ADSL connection.


After Netflix, VVVVID is my favorite online service for watching movies, TV series and anime on demand for free and legally.


On the RaiPlay website you can find all the films broadcast on RAI channels : in a single section, accessible for free . Streaming movies couldn’t be easier.

  • NOW T V (PAID)

NOW TV is another very interesting paid service . In practice it allows you to access the contents of Sky, live or on demand. Watch hundreds of movies and TV series on PC, smartphone, tablet, game console, Smart TV and on a special box to connect to the TV.


PopCorn TV is a good site to stream movies without breaking the bank. It is a legal on demand portal that offers a large catalog of films and cartoons to watch live.

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