Major News From the April 2021 Apple Event

Here’s a recap of everything announced at the Apple Event, which had the tagline “Spring loaded”, loaded with the double meaning of the season of spring and the potential energy that is stored in a coiled, tense spring. There were major announcements that could have serious (positive) implications for app development for iOS and the Apple App Store, plus other news.

The event was the channel through which Apple introduced the new iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 in purple, AirTag and Apple TV 4K. Now we all know that Apple is the largest company in the world in terms of market capitalization and traded value, but did you know that it is also venerated for its design aesthetic & its tightly integrated ecosystem of hardware and software?

Taking that further with every iteration of their products and services has become second nature to them, and they did not disappoint this time around either, in the 20 April 2021 Spring Event.

Perhaps because it was 4/20, and they wanted to make sure that everyone from fishing boat operators in Hawaii to app developers in Australia pulling late-nighters at the office got in on the watch party, they scheduled it in the afternoon and again held it in their virtual environment.

The Apple Park setting becomes more beautiful and gets used ever more innovatively every time they hold an Apple Event there, and this time was no different. Camera angles and drone shots were combined with state of the art editing techniques to produce a superb tech show.

Here are major announcements about the new hardware that we Can’t Hardly Wait to try & buy!


According to the Apple round up of the news from the spring loaded Apple Event, this new iMac is all‑new, inside and out. It is also impossibly thin. The specs of this all in one computer are given as 60.96 centimetre (24 inch) 4.5K Retina display with what are apparently high-end speakers + mics & a camera in the Mac. It also runs on the latest version of the Apple M1 chip.

iPad Pro

Again, the newest, most advanced, integrated multi function M1 chip is at the heart of the new iPad Pro. The display size is quite large, measuring in at 32.77 centimetre (12.9 inch) with a Liquid Retina XDR display that has clarity and crispness unmatched in any other device. Connect with the Wi-Fi 6 standard and make video calls with the New Ultra Wide front-facing camera, enhanced with the awesomax power of the Centre Stage image processing software

iPhone 12

Boasting the fastest chip in a smartphone, the new iPhone 12 has a brighter, more colourful OLED display. It is protected by the latest in smartphone display tech: the Ceramic Shield, with four times better drop performance. Also: Available Now In Purple. What a niche choice of color!


If you lose your keys often, use an AirTag. With this little device, they appear on your app in the “Find My” app. This useful gadget is going to fly off the (online) store shelves when it comes.

Apple TV 4K

A12 Bionic chip. All-new Apple TV Remote. 4K High Frame Rate HDR. And experience your

favourite Apple services on the big screen. Enjoy shows and Apple Arcade gaming on your TV!

So whether you’re an Apple aficionado or simply an app developer for iOS, check out the new!

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