Millet Pillow: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? 

Almost everyone uses a pillow to sleep comfortably at night. It almost feels incomplete to sleep on a plain mattress and just let their heads lay flat on the surface, not allowing them to have the right sleeping position. With that, using a pillow is a must as it can provide maximum comfort to sleepers.

However, with the growing market today, the variety of pillow choices continues to expand, and it can be a little difficult to choose which one would suit you best. There are plenty of pillow types one can choose from. They could either use a down, latex, memory foam, cotton, or a feather pillow. Moreover, if you’re trying to lead towards a more natural pillow fill choice, a millet pillow would be an excellent choice for you.  

What Is A Millet Pillow?  

A millet pillow is a new type of pillow that uses a generous amount of millet hulls as its main fill. Often compared with a buckwheat pillow, a millet pillow uses smaller and rounder hulls to provide maximum comfort for sleepers. This will help eliminate the possibility of pointed fills, which could be unbearable for some people. With a rounded shape, it’ll feel like sleeping on a pile of beads, but without hurting a person’s head, neck, and shoulders.  

Since a millet pillow is full of millet hulls, you can ensure that each one is natural and organic. It would be a great option for people looking for pillow alternatives that are trying to help save the environment.

What Is The Difference Between Millet And Buckwheat Pillows

There are two main types of pillows that uses all-natural and organic fills. While they both use hulls as their primary fill, a buckwheat pillow’s hulls can be very different from those of a millet pillow.  

Buckwheat hulls have a more pointed and larger shape. While some people enjoy the firmness that they can bring, some may not be too comfortable about their odd body, making it difficult for people to shape their pillows. Moreover, they could also produce a louder sound with every move due to the friction of the hulls inside.  

A millet pillow’s hulls are rounder and smaller than buckwheat pillow’s hulls. This can allow them to freely move inside the case, without having to worry about the pointy side of the pillow to your body. Along with this, since they’re small and rounded, you can anticipate that they’ll be making less noise when you shape and move as you sleep peacefully every night. 

Benefits Of A Millet Pillow 

Since the idea of a millet pillow might be new to you, as buckwheat is more common and popular, you should also know the benefits that it can provide to your body. Apart from providing utmost comfort, it won’t also harm the environment. You can also watch this video and see how many people love sleeping on it.: 

Here are the benefits of a millet pillow:  

1. It’s Customizable 

One of the best features of a millet pillow is its customizable height. Unlike traditional pillows, you just need to settle with how tall or low your pillow would be. While you can just live with having a high pillow over your head, it might not be able to help support your head for proper spine alignment.  

When a person sleeps, they still need to ensure that their spine aligns well with their entire body. This will help you have the proper posture while sleeping, especially if you’re a side sleeper, as well as prevent you from waking up with neck and body pains.

To customize a millet pillow, you can fill your pillowcase with additional millet hulls, which you can purchase separately from your pillow.

2. Perfect For All Kinds Of Sleepers 

Gone are the days when a single pillow is enough. While a person can choose to sleep onto any type of pillow they want, allowing each pad to optimize their sleeping position can help maximize comfort and body support.  

Depending on how you sleep at night, the height of your pillow should adjust with it. If you’re a stomach sleeper, having a low pillow would be the best option as you can prevent your neck from tilting backwards, which can be uncomfortable and painful at the same time. For a back sleeper, having a slightly elevated pillow would be ideal for your pillow to support proper spine alignment. Lastly, for a side sleeper, having a high pillow is optimal since you need to consider the position of your head away from your shoulders. Ideally, you should level it perfectly for proper spine alignment.  

With a millet pillow, however, you no longer have to worry if it’s a pillow that would be ideal for you as you can easily remove and add hulls, giving yourself the perfect height. Just ensure that your neck aligns appropriately with your spine, and is not bending towards your back, front, and sides. This will allow you to wake up the best way possible, rather than suffer a painful neck strain.

3. Adapts To Head Shape Easily 

Since a millet pillow uses smaller and rounder hulls, it can help adapt to a person’s head shape easily, without worrying about compacting one side to the other. With their small and flexible size, the hulls can easily move around the case, allowing for proper support and head contour, which would be perfect for people who usually wake up with stiff neck and body pains.  

All you need to do is to place your head over the pillow and let the hulls move their way to shape and adapt to your head shape. This will allow for maximum comfort as your pillow adapts for you, rather than adjusting to what a pillow tells you to do.  

4. It’s Hypoallergenic 

Being an allergy sufferer is never a treat for anyone. Apart from having to endure the allergy symptoms and effects, there are plenty of things a person must avoid to prevent those symptoms from re-occurring to their body.

Luckily, allergy sufferers can put their worries away with a millet pillow as it’s entirely hypoallergenic, perfect for everyone to use. You can even use this for your children if you’re trying to avoid possible allergy triggers. With this kind of pillow, all they need to focus on is how to maximize their sleep, and they don’t have to worry about waking up with a stuffy nose or rashes all over their body.  

5. Promotes Proper Airflow 

Another type of sleeper who usually finds it quite a challenge to find the perfect pillow is the hot sleeper. With them, no matter how cool their bedroom, even if their AC is on the lowest temperature setting, they could still wake up in the middle of the night, their pillow soaked with sweat. Apart from not being the most comfortable feeling in the world, this whole situation can also interrupt a good night’s sleep, not allowing a person to rest fully.

For a hot sleeper, having a pillow that can promote proper airflow would be highly beneficial. While some people choose to have a gel foam pillow, some may say that it’s not cooling enough for their liking. With that, using a millet pillow would be the perfect option for you. Apart from this type of pillow being suitable for all types of sleep positions, it can also promote proper airflow, keeping you sweat-free every night.  

Unlike traditional pillows, such as memory foam, down, cotton, and latex pillows, millet pillows use hulls as their main fill. Since millet pillows don’t come in with one solid form, the hulls would have a tiny space between them, allowing for proper airflow. Millet pillows are ideal for hot sleepers or if you have trouble cooling down during the summer season.  

6. Light And Airy 

Compared to a buckwheat pillow, a millet pillow is lighter and airier. A buckwheat pillow is usually heavier. Apart from having bigger hulls, it could have an added weight, which could go beyond 12 pounds. This may be uncomfortable and unideal, especially if you plan to bring your pillow along with you during your travels.  

A millet pillow, on the one hand, could only weigh around seven to eight pounds, which is five to four pounds lighter than your regular buckwheat pillow. This will be a great option if you plan to carry your pillow around the room or if you plan to bring it with you on your next camping trip.  

Since a millet pillow is lighter, it can provide an airier feel. This will help you sleep lightly on top of your pillow, rather than resting on what feels like a sack of cement. 

7. Great For Light Sleepers  

Being a light sleeper is never a treat for anyone. Imagine trying to have a good night’s sleep, only to wake up every hour due to even the slightest noises. Thus, a light sleeper might experience sleep deprivation, making them feel unrested every morning. Alternatively, a. light sleeper can use a noise-cancelling headset to eliminate every sound possible. However, when the noise comes directly from their bed, banishing the sound might be more challenging.  

With a millet pillow, it can be very quiet and might not even produce any sound at all even if they change their sleeping position. This would be an excellent alternative for people who enjoy buckwheat pillows, but dislike the noise the buckwheat hulls create.  

8. Natural Scent 

If you’re the type of person who finds relaxation with scents as you sleep at night, a millet pillow would be a great choice for you. This kind of pillow releases a natural millet scent, which can allow you to sleep comfortably at night. This way, you no longer have to worry about diffusing essential oils as you can just let the pillow to do job.  

Alternatively, you can also add drops of essential oils on the millet hulls, such as lavender, citrus, or bamboo. This will allow you to customize what you wish to smell on a specific night, allowing full relaxation as you sleep at night. 

9. Long-Lasting 

Usually, a pillow could only last for around 18 months to two years, depending on the care and maintenance. Luckily, a millet pillow could last for at least ten years, making it a great and ideal solution for everyone who likes to avoid expenses from purchasing a brand-new pillow every two years.

To maximize your millet pillow’s lifespan, you should follow the pillow’s care instructions. This may include washing it regularly with cold water, allowing it to air dry, and occasionally replacing the hulls every time you feel they’re losing their quality. Moreover, you should also ensure that your millet pillow uses a quality cotton case to guarantee its extended lifespan and maximum comfort.  

10. Uses All-Natural Materials

If you’re a person who’s trying to look for a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to down, latex, and memory foam pillows, a millet pillow would be the perfect choice for you. With a millet pillow, you can guarantee that it’s made out of all-natural millet hulls, which won’t cause harm to the environment. Instead of throwing out the hulls, they can go inside your pillow and provide you with plenty of benefits.  


Using a millet pillow might be a new experience for you. While it may take a while to get used to it, allowing the pillow to adjust to your head perfectly will help promote proper spine alignment. With it, you can also free yourself from stiff neck and other types of body pain as you wake up in the morning.  

The flexibility and customization features of a millet pillow would be a perfect option for you, especially if you always have trouble finding the ideal fit for your body. On top of this, you no longer have to worry about your sleep quality, whether you’re an allergy sufferer, hot sleeper, or even a light sleeper. With this type of pillow, you can achieve maximum comfort all night long. 

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