Minimalist Photography with Maximum Meaning, Photos by Bengin Ahmad.

Before you talk about minimalist pictures, find out the actual definition –

Many of you are familiar with the word minimalist picture. But does anyone know why this name has been given or why you will use this name when you see a picture? If you don’t know, there is no problem. Find out today in elementary language and how the photographer Bengin Ahmad presents his photography artwork in a minimalist theme.

A minimalist picture or artwork means a photo where the main object of the photograph is almost negligible. Still, it is a vision, and an image is infinite in terms of imagination, color … etc.

In other words, minimalism is simplicity in its purest form! A photo with few things on it, few colors, simple but effective. This picture means that Minimalist photography comes as close as possible to an abstract painting.

A minimalist image can be considered successful when it moves the viewer with the minimum of elements that compose it. It is the spectator’s imagination that will make his message intelligible. This message will be different from one person to another. This is the strength of this photographic genre.

Bengin Ahmad, whose photography can give you the example of a minimalist-

Those who love photography very much or are interested in it all the time must know that the influence of horse photography in the photography industry is much greater. And if it is an Arabian horse or a dressage horse, then it is amiable. And so today, you will be introduced to the international award-winning horse photographer whose name many have heard is Bengin Ahmad. His specialty is that he can capture the great moments of the horse in different styles. Specializes in all types of photography, from minimal and high-key to high-detail and abstract and Fine art photography. He is using his personal touch.

He started his journey in 2006. In 2009 he held his first solo exhibition. Which was exhibited in Aleppo, and since then, he has started participating in various shows. One of his biggest achievements is Bengin Ahmad as an award-winning Syrian Kurdish photographer and photography lecturer. His work was published in many journals, including ABC News, The London Magazine, and the BBC.

As a result of his acquisition, Syria is listed on the GPU as a list of crown destination holders for the first time. At GPU, he gained the distinction of Crown 1 as a Syrian Kurdish photographer.

Let’s find out about his incomparable photography –

If you look at all the photos he has taken, you will see a different touch in each of his works. And his photographs are capable of capturing your mind in moments. However, he does other types of photography like- Minimalist photography, Fine art photography. But the best ones are horse photoshoots. If you are a real photography lover, you can understand that.

It is more or less challenging to freeze, depending on how a moving object appears to you. Let’s say the horse. Everyone has an idea about its speed. And it takes a lot of care to take a perfect photoshoot while the horse is in motion. If you look at the photos of Bengin Ahmad’s horse, you will understand how much professional work he can do. Each of his photographs is perfect.

In the photos of the horse’s front profile- He has brought everything from the formation of the whole face of the horse into a perfect shot that is truly incomparable.

Pictures of the horse and his gaits- Horse speed is walking, trot, gallop. Depending on the speed of the horse, its position will be more or less aesthetic. In Bengin Ahmad’s photoshoots, you will notice that his every click is perfect and perfect. Especially the pictures of the horse and his gaits are amusing. visit the site beetv

Great idea about the ideal speed of taking pictures of horses – the presence of light, the lens open, the ability to climb ISO, he keeps everything perfect all the time. Needless to say, if you look at his photoshoots one by one, you won’t notice when that time passes.Read more  mangadex

The excellent framing- The framing must be anticipated in horse photoshoot and Bengin Ahmad make this more aesthetically. He can calmly deal with a horse galloping in the wind from the heart. In the plain. He can prepare his framing to have his subject on the right edge or in the middle. click here youtuber streamer

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