Movie Theater hacks that you should know

These tips will come in handy for anyone who loves to go to the movies. We tell you from which seats in the hall you have the best view, how to save on tickets, what you should not take at the cinema, how to avoid queues at the box office and give yourself a new viewing experience. Take them into account, especially if you are going to watch movies in cinemas during the autumn holidays.

  1. Get the best seats

When you buy a ticket to the cinema, on the map of the cinema, different seats differ in cost. Those in the middle are considered the most suitable for watching a movie: both in terms of sound quality and ease of perception of the picture. For this reason, tickets to central locations usually cost a bit more. In cinema halls with large screens, you can choose seats at the end of the hall, but also in the center. Everything is fine with the picture, but the sound quality can be a little worse. The most unfortunate places to sit in a cinema hall are in the front rows and on the sides.

  1. Take advantage of discounts

Find out what discounts and offers programs exist at your favorite cinema. Many cinemas have their own branded card, which allows you to get a discount on a ticket. If you want to save money, find out which days or times you can get a discount.

  1. Watch movies for less

In addition to discounts, there are several other ways to go to the cinema cheaper. The first option is to go to the cinema in the morning, when ticket prices are about half as low. The second is to go to the cinema when the price of all sessions is reduced. And the third option is to take tickets to Movie Nights and watch three films at once at a reduced price. It’s cheaper than buying tickets for each movie separately.

  1. Buy yummy treats wisely

It is very difficult to get into the cinema without passing the cinema snack bar – they are specially placed on the way to the audience seats. If you decide to crunch at the session, carefully study the offers at the bar. Combo sets consisting of a bucket of popcorn and a drink are not always profitable. For the same price, you can buy each item separately, but you can choose exactly what you like.

  1. Don’t stand in line

To avoid standing in line, buy tickets online and print them yourself at special terminals. You can do it from your phone on the way to the cinema. In addition, some cinemas are already using Smartpass technology: you buy a ticket on the Internet, save it on your phone, then walk past the queues straight to the hall and show your ticket to the electronic terminal. And that’s it.

  1. Don’t confuse IMAX with 3D

Many viewers do not know what IMAX is. IMAX screens are much larger than standard screens and much closer to the viewer. This is necessary in order for the audience to use their peripheral vision and dive deeper into the film. In IMAX, the viewer does not see the boundaries of the screen and feels like a part of what is happening. Many directors use IMAX cameras and special sound processing technologies.

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