Moving a Piano 101: All You Should Know

Pianos are highly delicate musical instruments. Moving one requires a professional approach. Slight damage to a piano could cause a serious breakdown and issues with tuning. If you are planning to move a piano, you need to prepare for the move carefully.

When moving a piano, it’s important to have the proper equipment and a sufficient number of assistants. The size and weight of this musical instrument make moving it complicated, especially if stairs and small spaces are involved.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning to move a piano.

1. Ask for Assistance

Besides being large and heavy, pianos are irregularly shaped. Moving an upright piano requires several people. Make sure to invite at least four assistants to move the instrument. Four people should be responsible for lifting and carrying a piano. Another person should watch out in order to avoid walls, corners, and other obstacles.  

Keep the weight of the piano in mind. When lifting a heavy item like this instrument, it’s imperative not to lift it with your back muscles. Take the time to learn about lifting and carrying heavy items.  

2. Buy or Rent the Right Equipment

To move a piano, you will need durable straps and a dolly. Buying this equipment for a one-time move can be costly. Research the options of renting from U-Haul, Home Depot, or other companies.

You need heavy-duty straps to lift and carry the piano. Otherwise, you may not get a sufficient hold on the instrument. Regular furniture straps aren’t always durable enough. So when renting the equipment, make sure you mention that you need it for moving a piano.

A moving truck rental company can help you choose the right moving equipment and make suggestions if necessary. When renting a moving truck for a DIY move, don’t forget to mention that you are moving a piano as well.

3. Consider Professional Assistance

It takes training and experience to move a piano properly. If you’ve never moved one successfully before, consider asking for professional assistance. Professional team like, https://www.cbdmovers.com.au/removals/removalists-perth/ know how to disassemble the piano (yes, some parts are removable) and how to pack it properly.

They also have professional moving supplies like straps to ensure a smooth and damage-free move.

The cost of piano moving varies from company to company. However, it is much lower than the amounts you would need to pay in case something goes wrong during the move. Respectable moving companies include basic insurance in the cost of the move. If your instrument is expensive, you may want to consider purchasing additional moving insurance.

4. Wrap the Piano Properly

While you are renting or buying piano moving equipment, consider renting moving blankets or padding as well. Even though it’s possible to pack a piano with regular blankets, special packing materials are likely to protect it much better. Regular blankets may not be thick enough to protect your instruments from serious damage.

When packing the piano, you need to remove the legs and secure the keyboard. Then you have to wrap it in blankets and secure them with shrink-wrap. If you decide to hire a moving company, ask them if they offer packing services. Thanks to their experience, professional piano movers can pack your piano quickly. They will also use professional packing materials.

5. Plan The Route

Since pianos are heavy, big, and irregularly shaped, you need to plan the moving route. Avoid corners, stair railings, and other elements that may cause damage. Take the time to measure stairways, doorways, and elevator space to make sure you can pull the piano through safely.

Make sure all moving boxes and furniture are out of the way, so the piano doesn’t contact them during the move.

The Takeaway

Moving a piano requires experience and patience. While it’s possible to arrange a DIY piano move, it may turn out to be costlier and more complicated than hiring a team of professionals.

Before moving the piano on your own, make sure you have the necessary materials to wrap and carry it. Ask your friends and family for assistance to ensure a smooth and worry-free move.

Consider purchasing insurance before moving the piano in order to avoid serious expenses in case any damage occurs.

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