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In this era of technology and information, data is one of the most valuable assets. Therefore, big companies and organisations require data analytics to help them sell their products or services. So, MSc data analytics is becoming one of the most popular courses for data collection.

Additionally, the fields of data and information are vast, and so are the job opportunities. Hence, candidates that are equipped with skills in data analytics with excel are more likely to get a job. 

Therefore, in the following content, you will learn all the essential information about data analytics, advantages, and the job prospects of data analytics with excel. Also, you will learn about MSc data analytics. and Apart from that, you should know about the MSc IT distance education for online mode.

What Data Analytics Is?

People with data analytics skillsets analyze and examine a pool of raw data to extract beneficiary data. So, data analysts help businesses or companies use tools of data analytics with excel to help them understand their customers. 

So, with the help of the data analyst, businesses get to know the needs of their customers, which benefits businesses by improving, advertising, and selling their products.

What Is MSc Data Analytics?

First of all, you should be knowledgeable about the MSc IT course and the role of MSc in data analytics. Data analytics is a postgraduate degree course in information technology. Therefore, in this degree program, students acquire all the expertise of analyzing, managing, and extracting useful data.

Subsequently obtaining an M.Sc in data analytics degree, students get plenty of career opportunities. Additionally, data analytics jobs are in-demand nowadays. Therefore, completing a postgraduate degree in M.Sc data analytics can be worthwhile for students. Also, they can complete their degree from distance education universities.

MSc Data Analytics Eligibility & Duration

Like any other post-graduation degree, an M.Sc in data analytics is a two-year degree program. And the syllabus of the MSc data analytics is divided into four semesters. 

Furthermore, students must have completed their undergrad in a relevant discipline from any UGC-accredited college/institute in order to pursue an M.Sc in data analytics degree.

What Are the Subjects in MSc Degree in Data Analytics?

The curriculum of an M.Sc in data analytics is taught in four semesters. Hence, below are mentioned the subjects in MSc data analytics semester wise:

1st Semester

Data Analysis, Databases and Information Retrieval, Java Programming, Topics in Analytics in R, Optimization and Heuristics, and Programming Lab Courses/ Project Courses – I.

2nd Semester

The second semester consists of the subjects such as Topics in Analytics with Python, Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Data Mining, and Programming Lab Courses/ Project Courses – II.

3rd Semester

In third-semester students study subjects such as Data Warehousing, Analytics for Big Data, Data Visualization, and Elective I, II, III.

4th Semester

In the fourth and last semesters, students have to participate in an internship program in data analytics.

How to Apply for the MSc In Data Analytics?

BA graduate students are eligible to enrol in this program. Therefore, students can apply to get admission to any institute online or offline. 

Additionally, there are various UGC-approved colleges in India. So, to get admission, students can search for colleges that offer this degree. And, then check the eligibility criteria of that particular college. After that, students can enrol in the M.Sc data analytics program at that college/institute.

Also, students can pursue their M.Sc in data analytics in regular mode or distance mode at your convenience.

What Are the Job Opportunities After MSc Data Analytics?

Businesses are very competitive in selling their products or services. Therefore, they need data analysts to analyze the data to understand the market and the needs of the customers in order to increase sales of their product. Hence, students have a lot of job options available to them.

So, some job profiles students can work on once they obtain an M.Sc data analytics degree are as follows:

Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst is to examine raw data and extract the essential information as per the requirement of the company or business.

Data Engineer

The work of a data engineer is to make a system that transforms raw data into useful data. So, the data analysts can easily pull the necessary information. 

Data Architect

Some of the work of a data architect include transforming a business necessity into technical prerequisites, making a data management framework, and creating reference architecture. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists perform various types of data research to increase the performance of a business or organization.

Apart from that, M.Sc in data analytics graduates have plenty of other job opportunities, such as lecturers or professors. Also, students can apply for jobs in the banking sector and MNC (Multi-National Corporation).

Additionally, candidates not only get job prospects in the private sector but there are numerous job opportunities in the government sector too. 

What Are the Advantages of an MSc Data Analytics Degree?

A graduate in MSc data analytics has a lot of advantages that are as follows:

  • M.Sc degree in data analytics is a valuable course, so students get many job prospects after attaining their degree.
  • This program offers students lucrative career options and a secure future.
  • The salary of data analytics depends on the expertness and experience in this field.
  • Candidates can get job opportunities in both the private sector and the government sector. 
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In this modern age, data or information is the most valuable thing. With the help of the right data, companies and organizations can increase their business and also improve the sales of their services and products.

Hence, every company needs data analysts to understand the demands of their clients. So, they can make marketing strategies to reach their customers. in data analytics is a postgraduate degree program. As a result, students can pursue an M.Sc. in data analytics degree to gain expertise in this field.

Therefore, students of data analytics with excel skillsets get a lot of high-income job opportunities in various fields. Also, students get a plethora of career options in the government sector too.

So, candidates can enrol in this program and complete their post-graduation in data analytics traditional mode or distance mode.

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