Nataraj 621 pencil- Bold your writing 

The Nataraj 621 is the Nataraj brand’s signature pencil, and it is one of the oldest pencils of the company. The color and imprint options vary depending on where you get your pencils from or the market. However, in Nataraj 621, this name remains consistent. The 621 comes in many colors for the foreign market, like blue, green, white, and silver, and the traditional red for the Market in India. The red pencil is referred to as the Nataraj Ruby 621 as it is known as Ruby.

For smooth writing, there is no substitute for Nataraj pencil as it has thick and dark lead. Anyone can read your writing. Also, Nataraj pencil makes your writing bold. And you can easily sharpen your pencil as it is made of softwood. However, there are several Wholesalers of Nataraj pencils from which you can buy them online.

Well, in this article, you can learn about India’s one of the best pencils, the Nataraj 621, that can bold your writing. So, let’s check it out.

Nataraj 621 pencil specifications

Brand: Nataraj

Colour of the Ink: Black

Material: Wood

Dimensions (H x W x L): 1.5cm x 7.5cm x 20cm

Type of the point: Fine

Name/ number of the model: 621 Be Bold


You can find the Nataraj 621 pencil on Amazon at $4.18 pricing with an eraser and sharpener.


The Nataraj 621’s stripings are fantastic. Except for one side, the other five sides are red, having a thin black stripe. It is running straight through the middle. Another side is completely black. And this side has the imprint of gold foil. The five sides resemble Joi’s narrow stripings. But rather than running along the hex line, they go straight down the middle. From the remainder of the pencil, a white stripe separates the black end dip. The lacquer is excellent, and meanwhile, the white is a bit thinner since the black lines below it can be seen while looking carefully. The imprint states: “Nataraj 621,” then contains the name of a star. It is incredibly balanced and light in the hand because there is no eraser.

Core / wood

Its core is fantastic. It is classified as HB, and I would appreciate it, particularly for Indian pencils; this is genuine to grade. The ” Lasts Longer ” promise holds because it’s not as dark or soft as regular B – 2B pencils from India; the “Lasts Longer” promise holds. Before I had to bother for sharpness, I identified 3 pages in a Vanguard flagship. All the cores focused on acceptability.

The jelutong wood is the other factor for the pencil’s lightness. It has a slightly reddish tint, which might be due to lacquer seeping or treatment into the wood. Jelutong wood made Nataraj 621 pencil. It appears better than regular basswood. For a pencil to be excellent, it doesn’t necessarily have to be cedar. Jelutong effectively sharpened, but to the shavings, lacquer does not appear to adhere.

Final verdict

If Nataraj 621 pencil that Indian schoolchildren are given, I consider them fortunate. Although today’s options are limitless, Nataraj 621 pencils are better than anything. This pencil has a long-lasting tip, and it is also best for clear, bold, and smooth writing. Moreover, you can easily sharpen it as it consists of softwood, as we mentioned before. Its high-quality HB bonded superb lead has a higher resistance to breaking. You can buy the Nataraj 621 pencil from any wholesaler of Nataraj pencils; you can also get a sharpener and eraser in the box. If you want to know about the wholesaler of Nataraj, then visit this link-

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