NBA 2K22 MyNBA Wishlist – New Features That Should Be Added To The Game

It’s July, and you know what that means. all your favorite content creators are sick of playing NBA 2K21. MyNBA is the cooler way of saying MyLeague and MyGM combined the modes. in this new mode, we didn’t see any improvements or if that was the case of as being the next gen version of the game or the development team needed to ship the game to a piece to Sony and Microsoft the launch of their new console, so they didn’t have time to add anything new to the game or do they simply not care about MyLeague players. either way, we got shafted. so hopefully dreaming up some new ideas 2K could implement will make us some cheap NBA 2K22 MT until 2K probably flips us off again and spends more time building a virtual basketball game city. and with the new NBA 2K22 coming up, let’s see what new ideas & features can be happening for MyNBA in NBA 2K22.

Logical Free Agent Signings

this one has been circulated in the community for years now. this should be an easy fix, yet every year this appears to be a problem in MyLeague. Giannis shouldn’t be signing in OKC, Lebron shouldn’t wait to waste the last years of his career in Detroit, and Kawhi shouldn’t be signing with the Orlando Magic. this is something that should have been fixed years ago and hasn’t. it kills the immersion of MyLeague when seeing this kind of mistake. another thing is mid-season free agent signings, you’ll see these players who are still good players, but refuse to sign with teams because they’re simply asking for far too much NBA 2K22 MT points. you’re a free agent for a reason, more often than not, you’re a contending team. you’re trying to sign these players, these players would easily take a pay cut to ring chase. we are confused why this isn’t something that happens. maybe something that happens in the more the role playing aspect of MyGM of the mode. maybe you can make those pitches to players, but a normal MyLeague, you’ll see good players sit in free agency for a long time and never sign and end up getting deleted from the league. we should see contending teams making extra moves to complete their roster get the rotation set for the playoffs. you see it every year in the real life NBA. this is something that should be in 2K.

The Offseason Camp 

it should be replaced with a more realistic off-season training. player development is such an uninteresting thing to deal with in MyLeague, it’s almost non-existent in the mode. it doesn’t even make sense, why can’t the progression system from MyCareer be retrofitted for MyNBA? or why can’t we do any of the practice drills for badge upgrades for our players in MyNBA? right now, a lot of people don’t even know how you earn badges and NBA 2K22 MT Pc for players in MyNBA. all these assets are already in the game, put them into this mode, it’ll add depth and give you something other to do than playing the games. if you want to take a real player development route and then sim the games, you could do that, that’d be an interesting thing to add to MyNBA.

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