Open source what is “Metaverse” and how is it important to the future world?

Open source what is “Metaverse” and how is it important to the future world?

Metaverse has become a buzzword in technology and investment circles especially after Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and co-founder of Facebook announced the company’s name change to “Meta “, sparking a wave of attention from the Metaverse world. 

The term “Metaverse” originated from science fiction.

The beginning of the word Metaverse first appeared. The 1992 science fiction book “Snow Crash ” by American author Neal Stephenson, which tells the story of the future world that humans and computers interact with each other through various technologies and software by living in a state-of-the-art virtual world space beyond the imagination of the ’90s, the novel Snow Crash became the inspiration for the creation of today’s Metaverse world.

Do you know the meaning of “Metaverse”?

Metaverse is the creation of the environment of the real world and technology together to form a “virtual world community” that can combine objects around and the environment to be connected as one by using AR and VR technology to help connect seamlessly to become the same world space. 

AR or Augmented Reality is a technology to integrate real-world objects together, for example creating avatar characters via smartphone, creating camera filters, playing Pokémon GO games, 3D holograms, etc.

VR or Virtual Reality is a 360-degree virtual reality simulation that may require the use of accessories such as VR glasses to simulate perception, vision, and hearing in the virtual world, such as simulating skydiving, piloting a plane, playing combat games, etc.

How is the Metaverse useful?

The Metaverse can help simulate how we can be in different places, even when we are sitting still based on connectivity through various forms such as the Internet, devices, smartphones, applications, and software, it is a trending new technology paving the way for the world of the future.

Although in the beginning Metaverse will begin to be used in the online gaming community. But later began to invest in various technology companies to create a platform that can cover and can support future Metaverse technology. An example of this is when a shipping maritime company created Smart Glasses solution to improve the efficiency of the company’s remote operations.

For example, Facebook has diversified its investment across multiple platforms, including the Oculus Go, the VR glasses that created buzz years ago. Plus, the Ray-Ban Stories eyewear clearly shows that Facebook isn’t just a social media platform but also heading towards expansion into the Metaverse world.

Metaverse development concept it consists of three elements: Virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet. Today, all three technologies are something that we can see in our daily life. Virtual reality, for example, is something that we can see. From accessories for PlayStation consoles, VR headset wearers can see content in 360 degrees, while augmented reality is a technology picked up by Niantic Labs to develop, which combines augmented reality and virtual worlds together through applications and smartphones internet section, I wouldn’t have to say anything for a long time because it is something that people are already well known

In addition, Metaverse 5G has been discussed a lot and fulfill people special needs. This is because 5G technology is fundamental to increasing internet speed and high-speed data transfer, becoming the “Internet of Things ” era that will lead to the development and use of Metaverse in various fields, for example;

Medical field: used in remote surgery, virtual surgery simulator

E-commerce: Used to shop online, simulate using products without going to the store.

Investment: Used to buy NFT products online, trade crypto.

Tourism: used to simulate museum tourism, simulate various places

Entertainment: Used to hold virtual concerts, create virtual characters in movies not only that One of Mark Zuckerberg’s statements Following Facebook’s name change to Meta, but he also commented that the Metaverse world will create a future where people can engage and take advantage of technology even more and will not be the only consumer but will be able to be a creator by himself.

However, even today, the Metaverse may be something that many people do not see clearly. But I believe that in the future, the Metaverse will become something that everyone is familiar with. Just like a cell phone that many decades ago. No one would have thought that it would become a smartphone that can shrink the whole world in one hand. will help you to understand the further details about metaverse. I invite you to visit the site by clicking on this highlighted link.

Drilling into Metaverse 101, why IT giants wake up and panic

The Metaverse is something that the tech giants are paying special attention to. Whether it is a software giant and is now stepping up to capture the hardware market seriously like Microsoft, Facebook social media company and the hot newcomer, TikTok. The concept under what is known as Metaverse isn’t something that has only been talked about a few months ago. a few years earlier Rather, it was mentioned in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction book Snow Crash, which was first released in 1992, followed by another science fiction novel Ready Player One in 2011 to be developed into a film seven years later under the direction of the cinematic wizard Steven Spielberg. 

Even in the popular comic book from DC Comics, Metaverse was mentioned in the Doomsday Clock event, which is the collision between the universe from the world of DC and the world of Watchmen. It is said that since the outbreak of the virus Covid-19. It created a phenomenon of the word Metaverse before the concept of Metaverse spread among Silicon Valley companies in the wake of the COVID- 19 pandemic as a result; many people have to lockdown slammed the door in the house this leaves no opportunity to go on adventures, travel, or live therefore came in to fit over. 

Because of metaverse it is a concept that combines the online and offline spaces merged into one enabling people to go out and live interactions with outsiders creating joint activities both exercise Watching concerts, teleconferences, in which the atmosphere is surrounded as if we are actually in that place but in fact

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