Paper Art Ideas – Make Your Walls More Stylish With Unique Paper Art

Paper art, such as origami, is one of the oldest and most elegant forms of art that dates back to the 17th century. Simple in appearance yet intricate in design, there is something mesmerizingly beautiful about the gentle, calculated folds of a piece of paper to create ornate and unique shapes. Here at Papercraft World, we take inspiration from this wonderful concept to create gorgeous 3D paper art decor. Our collection ranges from one of a kind of lamps, wall mounts, masks, statues, and more.

Our collection of wall decor incorporates simple yet classic designs such as ‘love hearts’ and lips to horned skulls, sloths, and dinosaurs. This extensive and vastly dynamic collection means that the effortless beauty of our paper designs comes in enough styles and shapes so everyone will find a piece to fall in love with – whether you’re a child or an adult. Some of our most popular (and our own favorite) pieces include our regal lion, the whimsical unicorn, and the wise elephant as they offer such a statement-finished look. Another fabulous design we have includes our elegant three-piece hummingbird design. This collection of hummingbirds bring love, joy, and goodwill and look beautiful fluttering against the backdrop of your wall. Take a look at the rest of our collection to see what wonderful design stands out the most to you!

The intention of our wall art isn’t only to look good once you put it up but to get you involved in the design process too! Whether you’re an arts or crafts lover or just love the design, our products come in easy to assemble packages for a bit of added fun when you receive them. Upon the arrival of your product, you’ll find practical pre-cut and pre-creased pieces waiting to be put together. For ease of assembly, all pieces are numbered, come with easy-to-follow instructions, and do not require any additional materials, such as scissors, aside from glue. This means you’ll have your product together and looking great in no time. And if you’re still worried, know that each product comes with a practice assembly piece.

We know what you might be concerned about – if the product is made from paper, surely it’s just going to end up torn, squashed, or crinkled if it’s not already done so in transit! Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We wanted our products to have the delicate appearance of paper but to have the strength to withstand a lifetime in a bustling home. That’s why we’ve designed them with fortified 250gsm paperboard (pearlescent) to ensure that once you’ve put it together, it’s not going anywhere! The materials are also 100% recycled and are fully recyclable so you don’t have to worry about the environmental footprint you’re leaving either. If you’re not satisfied with the simple finished look or color, these products are able to withstand resin or spray paint to ensure your finished product looks exactly how you pictured it.

Please note that when you do order one of our products, we’re unable to supply you with the tacky glue needed for assembly due to shipping restrictions. However, the required glue is extremely affordable and available for purchase in your standard arts and crafts store.

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