Perimeter intrusion detection system – the future is now!

Perimeter signifies the length of the boundaries of an organization premises, closed figure, or concerning security systems, the territory and borders of the protected institutions. If we include the electronic security systems installed indoors and outdoors, then the perimeter intrusion detection system becomes more costly and complex. The sensors used in these security systems can be installed on the street, making them exposed to various precipitation and temperature changes. In addition, these negative factors can also affect the usage of perimeter security sensors:

  • Different weather events like fog;
  • Domestic or wild animals;
  • Birds;
  • Branches of trees and other vegetation;

Due to the complexity of the procedure and frequent false alarms, many large organizations avoid connecting such security systems with their centralized surveillance consoles. However, these alarms are the first line of protection for any company and play a crucial role in ensuring overall security.

What is a perimeter detection system?

Intrusion detection and prevention systems are a combination of sensors of various categories, connecting lines and information processing units. A perimeter can include different long sections. Hence, instead of common sensors used inside the premises, special systems are used on the perimeter. These devices should be protected from rigorous climatic conditions and ensure 40-100 meters of security. There are multiple types of sensors that can be used in perimeter security:

  • Infrared optical systems;
  • Cable vibration sensors;
  • Radio wave systems;
  • Microwave devices.

Optical sensors: Usually, optical sensors are made up of two different parts, the first one is a transmitter, and the other is a receiver. The transmitter part contains an infrared laser, which, when emitted, hits the photodiode of the receiver. If the laser path is blocked due to any reason, the sensor is triggered, and an alarm is generated.

A set of optical sensors can easily cover a distance of up to 80-100 meters. Organizations can install them over a bracket above the fence to protect and block themselves from any climbing attempt. These sensors can also help a company block approaches from a building or structure. Generally, the laser used in such systems are completely invisible, but the transmitter and receiver are almost impossible to hide.

Vibration sensors: These sensors are best suited for light metal mesh fences, profiled sheet, or barbed wire. Generally, such security systems come in the form of special cables that can be easily attached to the fence lining using cable ties. Organization can easily mount this cable over a mesh fence, which is further connected to the controller.

These sensors can easily detect attempted forced entry or destruction of the fence due to the electric charges that appear with the slightest deformation on the sensor conductors. Next, these charges are then sent to the controller that activates the device to generate an alarm signal. In addition, organizations can easily change the sensitivity of these vibration systems to block false alarms.

Radio wave systems: This security solution utilizes the two lengths of a parallel cable to create an electromagnetic field between two spaced conductors. Any potential object that can cause field distortion is detected via the signal processing unit. Any enterprise can include this security on any fences made of non-magnetic material – brick, wood and concrete slabs.

Using these systems, an organization can protect its perimeter without even using a brick and mortar fence. For this, all they need is to lay parallel lines shallow underground. If someone tries to cross this area, the security alarm will become active. One linear sensor can easily protect a section of the fence up to 120 meters long.

Microwave perimeter security systems. This perimeter intrusion detection system consists of a receiver and a transmitter. Depending upon the specs, they can space up to 60 meters apart while creating a volumetric zone between themselves. When someone tries to cross the blocked area, an alarm is triggered. Usually, these sensors are installed at a distance of 1.5 meters from the ground and 40-50 cm from the fence plane.

Key components of perimeter security systems:

All perimeter security systems consist of the following parts:

  1. The console ( main computer): It receives, stores and processes all the information. A computer allows an organization to monitor everything from a single space, including alarm, starting lighting, sirens, recordings, camera movement, etc.
  2. Video surveillance, which is carried out using video cameras or video recorders. With their help, a company can monitor various aspects of security and the people guarding the territory.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Detectors for detecting the intruder.
  5. Sound siren.
  6. Power system and cables.
  7. The selection of sensors is the alarm system.

Advantages of perimeter security system

First of all, such an alarm system can warn the guards and give an alarm signal long before the intruder tries to enter the organization premises. In addition, these sensors can also record the perimeter violation even at distant approaches and allow the guard to take appropriate measures.

Nowadays, companies can also include a video surveillance system into their perimeter alarm system, which will make the security system much more effective. Organization can also make it more efficient by doubling the important perimeter sections using various types of sensors.

The installation of such intrusion detection and security systems requires certain preparatory work. It can include the construction of better infrastructure and cutting down trees, bushes. While choosing the type of security, organizations should pay special attention to power lines, pipelines and industrial sources of electromagnetic radiation. Also, it can be not easy to adjust the sensitivity of perimeter burglar alarms, especially where there is a high chance of the appearance of animals.

Using security alarms around the perimeter for intrusion detection can help an organization protect its assets at the highest level. They can help a company prevent an intruder from penetrating even before the moment of hacking. However, it should be noted that modern robbers also follow the achievements of technological progress. So the main thing that needs to be taken into account for any enterprise is reliability and stealth.

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