Picking The Right Video Surveillance System For Your Company

Kickstarting a new business is always an overwhelming and tedious affair. There are many things to consider and safety checks to put in order. One such thing is installing the right video surveillance system at your workplace to ensure security and peace of mind.

You don’t need to fret about burglaries or intruders stealing sensitive data or equipment.

With the surveillance system, you can stay vigilant and aware of the movement of your employees and materials. It will help with business productivity and the safety of your people!

Now, given the advancement of technology and new products entering the already-saturated market, you need to pick the right video surveillance distributor for your business.

For that, you need to keep the following factors in mind!

1. Camera type

There is an overabundance of video and camera surveillance systems in the market. So the selection process will be quite a hassle. It’s best to apprise yourself of all your options. Some of the best camera types you can consider are thermal, bullet, pan-tilt-zoom and dome cameras.

2. Field of view

Before you consider any other factor, you need to determine the size of the area that you plan to monitor. It will help you decide the number of cameras, resolution, and clarity required.

It’s always best to pick a camera with a horizontal coverage field. It will aid in covering a wider angle, so you can see a larger view at once.

Also, pick a camera with a resolution of a minimum of 4 MP. It will give you the utmost clarity of objects and people in the frame. Moreover, it will still be quite clear if you zoom in on the recording.

3. Location

The next thing you need to consider is the camera’s location, especially if you plan to install them outside.

If you install the camera outdoors, you need to pick something that can withstand the changing weather – like severe thunderstorms and scorching sunshine. You should also assume that there will be some vibrations that may impact the footage quality.

4. Night vision

What use is installing a surveillance camera if you cannot even get decent enough footage through the night?

Any business is most vulnerable to criminals intruding during dark hours. Get a surveillance system that is as effective and functional after office hours. You can also look for a video surveillance distributor that offers cameras with an in-built alert system.

So, you can receive instant alerts if there is any unwarranted movement during the little-to-no visibility time.

5. Motion detection

A higher-end security system will not only offer the motion detection feature but also have analytics capabilities. These abilities include distinguishing between different vehicles, people, movements and events like vandalism and fights.

Such a high-security surveillance system would know what specific event will require a particular response, whether calling the police or sending a mobile alert.

Wrapping up

Australian businesses suffer a loss of $9 billion every year due to retail crime, including vandalism, robbery and shoplifting. Why risk becoming part of such a crowd when you can ensure safety and profitability for your business?

Installing a surveillance system will ensure security for your staff and your goods. Make sure to pick a system that offers the most benefit to your business.

So, consider the aspects mentioned above and then make your pick!

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