Premier League: Hornets Hope to Learn From Past Failings

A loss to Norwich on Friday night would trade places with the Hornets, despite accomplishing enough to avoid the worst spot at this point.

For both Watford and Norwich, it’s a relief that Burnley and Newcastle United are a bit behind them, however, with the Magpies willing to spend money to make themselves out of turmoil, both sides have work to do.

For both teams, this is nothing new, so let’s take a look at what’s gone wrong this season again. For Bet365 bettors, this might just be an important insight you might want to take note of.

History has repeated itself

Relegation battles between Norwich and Watford have been fought before, but both have ended up in the second division at some point.

There have been five permanent managers removed from the Hornets’ dugout since the beginning of 2019 because of their harsh attitude to leadership and their team is 2/7 to be relegated.

It appears that Vicarage Road lacks stability, despite Watford’s board’s excellent support of their progress from the Championship. If the Hornets aren’t going to stroll through a campaign, then the team’s hierarchy will have the opportunity to wield the ax.

Norwich, the 1/4-to-go-down team, elected to take a more patient approach than Watford, which may have cost them dearly this season. Even though Daniel Farke has been in charge of Norwich for four years, it is possible that retaining him in command until November could jeopardize City’s top-flight status come May.

Playing their cards right

At first glance, the Magpies appeared to be relegation candidates, and while they still have a chance, their most recent transfer activity suggests they have made the necessary improvements for them to stay in the league. Many 365Bet players would agree.

Both Kieran Trippier and Chris Wood have joined the Magpies, bringing much-needed expertise to the squad at a cost that will be little if they are able to stay in the Premier League. As a result, neither Watford nor Norwich have really been able to breakthrough in recent years.

It was under Chris Wilder that Sheffield United showed they could do it, but a year later, their failure to attract top-tier players cost them dearly.

They have a 5/2 chance of staying in the Premier League courtesy of their European contacts at Watford’s disposal, but how much will it cost? You can bet that Vicarage Road has a lack of unity and players appear to be offering themselves up for sale.

Despite having a few more choices than two years ago, Norwich’s squad lacks superstar quality. Despite having a few more possibilities than 2 years ago, the team lacks star power. Wolves, Leicester City, and Leeds United have all been successful after winning promotions by luring top-tier talent to their clubs.

In desperate need of a shakeup

Watford is set at 3/1 to win by a single goal at Vicarage Road on Friday, with a draw at 5/2, while a one-goal win for the hosts is possible at 3/1. Comprehensive details of this can be checked at the 365betmobile app.

Both teams are fighting for their playoff lives, and Watford’s 2019 win over the Canaries gave them a much-needed boost. Despite having 2 matches in hand over Norwich, Watford’s recent results imply they will be fighting relegation until the end of the season.

Norwich will have the opportunity to show that they are capable of avoiding relegation on Friday, but there is an overpowering sense of deja vu. In order for either team to become a firmly established Premier League club, they have to stop waffling their way through the top two leagues.

The outcome of the game on Friday could have a significant impact on who will be promoted to the Championship, and unless both clubs learn from the mistakes of the past several seasons, they will be in the same position in a year. 365 Bet players would just have to wait and see.

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