Reasons for a video to go viral

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Videos on the internet are one of the main sources of entertainment for everyone, irrespective of their age. The popularity of these videos is why many people want to make such videos and post them on the internet. The main hope for all these people behind these videos is that they would go viral and attract a lot of views from people. If they are content creators, one viral video can change their lives and make them famous. Most people who come for the viral videos stay on the channel for all the other content. A viral video can establish an audience base for any creator. This technique is used by many companies for marketing. They try to make a funny, interesting video as an advertisement so that their customer base is widened when more people are made aware of their product through a viral video. There are several factors due to which a video goes viral.

  • Emotion- Every video that has gone viral and attracted a lot of views has invoked some form of emotion in the hearts of the viewers. This is why the most viral videos have always been funny. Laughter is the most positive emotion and videos can invoke that. These videos are of different types- they can be homemade videos of a bunch of people doing some things, animals or babies doing something funny, some people like people harmlessly falling, and others like it when things go wrong in a video. These have one thing in common, they give rise to a deep emotion in the viewers. Any viral video should have a level of relatability for people to like it enough to watch it multiple times. Similarly, negative emotions can also make a video go viral. Many companies use this strategy of creating a video that might be considered controversial by many people. This encourages people on social media to talk about the video and the brand is now recognized by a large group of people, even if it was unknown before.
  • Time span- Most videos that are popular nowadays are some of the shortest videos. This is why social media sites like Vine and now TikTok are a popular platform where these funny videos originate from. The advantage of these short videos is that they capture the attention of the audience very fast. There is no beating around the bush in these videos. They get into the point in the first few seconds and the punch line is delivered within 30 seconds. The audience loves these shorts and they are the most shared content throughout social media. It is futile for one to make a ten-minute video since not many people would watch it unless it provides clear value to them. Capturing the attention and making the viewers laugh in a very small span is the best way to make a video go viral.
  • Sharing- The only way a video goes viral is when it is shared. A wide audience base is covered when a person discovers a video and shares it with a friend who then does the same to another friend. Sharing completely depends on the relatability of the video. A video should have some message that is worth sharing. The most shared videos are either hilarious and engaging, or heart touching, or talks about an important issue, or provides information about important issues.

These are some of the primary reasons why a video goes viral. If someone follows these trends, they can hope to make a viral video of their own which might be featured on Funny videos – funny video | PutPut.

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