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Mr. Plumber Singapore is one of the Singapore’s best top-rated drainage service suppliers owing to their great user services, high-quality work, and cost-effective solutions. They have received hundreds of referrals, as shown by the various good feedback from their clients on both Amazon and Facebook.

Company Background

Mr. plumber sg is a privately owned business providing repair service to Singaporeans for over a year. The group of workers uses highly competent and very well experts willing to handle various plumbing issues, both home and industrial. Mr. Plumber is one of the more trustworthy plumbing companies for many years due to the expertise and attention of its contractors.

Mr. Plumber officially announced a merger with Everyworks Singapore, their parent company. As a result, clients can now order various housekeeping services through an easy-to-use online site as part of the Everyworks platform of solutions. In addition, clients can be certain which all firm in the Everyworks network is extremely remarkable regarding work performance and service speed.

Our Services:

  • Construction, Maintenance, and Repair of Piping
  • Fixing of Plumbing Chokes
  • Repairing Toilet Defects as well as Water Pipes Leakage
  • Repairs for Boilers
  • Bathroom Sink Cleaning Services
  • Services for Toilet Flush Fixtures
  • Assistance for Showers
  • Services for Taps and Nozzles
  • Our Most Requested Services

Plumbing Choke

Many people have relied on Mr. Plumber to help them remove sewage clogs such as the basement drain, bathtub, and sink pump. We realize that such a situation are difficult. Therefore we efforts to complete the work quickly, which is why many customers have depended upon our expertise. If you visit this site you can know thi9s about

Services for Water Heaters

Water heaters are present in approximately every Singaporean home. Whenever customers inquire about our boiler service for both immediate and store heating systems, they have learned to demand best service. Mr. Plumber guarantees that all of our clients will get a similar quality of service.

Why You Should Contact Mr. Plumber Singapore

Efficient Customer Response

Because of our extremely pleasant and attentive user service staff, you can be assured of a fast as well as hassle-free ordering process with Mr. Plumber Singapore. In addition, when you contact us, you can get an early evaluation and a price right away. This is because our customer care experts have been properly educated to fully understand the different solutions we offer. As a consequence, any plumbing problems you can be faced handled right away.

Affordable Rates

Mr. Plumber Singapore understands the significance of resolving your household problems immediately and correctly. As a result, we offer extremely cheap rates for any repair services you want, without doing any extra constructions or fixes. By hiring us, you can ensure that all of your plumbing issues are handled without needing to worry about your money.

Long Experience

As previously said, Mr. Plumber Singapore has over ten years of expertise in doing different piping services. As a result, we are very skilled in detecting the causes of every plumbing issue you may be experiencing and also choosing the best ways to resolve them. In addition, depending on our knowledge, we perform certain renovations you want utilizing only the finest equipment and components available today for the greatest work quality.

High Quality of Work

Mr. Plumber Singapore guarantees that almost all drainage solutions are done properly and professionally. Regardless of the complexity of the problem, we promise to address it as quickly as possible to have a positive experience while using our services. Furthermore, we also guarantee that every piece of water equipment you require fixed is correctly arranged so that you may get the most out of them for about as long as possible.

Wide Range of Available Services

Any water services you need, Mr. Plumber Singapore is certain to have them. Construction solutions cover hot water system construction, bathtub equipment, sewage flush maintenance problems, freshwater pump construction, and showers set up. In addition, we provide plumbing replacement services for toilet coils, draining chokes/floor traps chokes, blocked sinks/sink chokes, including leaking pipes.

Contact Mr. Plumber Singapore

Mr. Plumber Singapore offers the highest quality repair service for every plumbing issue you may be experiencing. We have water pipeline leakage fix, bathroom sink choke, draining choke, cleaning up blocked sinks, fitting boilers, toilet bowl construction and repair washbasin, toilet sink, drainage pipe, hidden pipes, and many other solutions are available. If you face any problem, then contact us. Plumbing is more than meets the eyes. In Wavell Heights plumber, the plumbing industry is carefully controlled to ensure safety.

Contact Information:


Tampines Street 83, # 05-67 Block 884, Singapore 520884

Email:    [email protected]

Phone:  6797 8814

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