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Renting a car in Tbilisi and traveling around Georgia

Georgia is a very beautiful country with great views and interesting history which influenced the countries architecture. In addition to the historical landmarks, it has a lot of cultural centers created in different periods of the counties development. All this is harmoniously combined with the modern buildings and sculptures.

Georgia is known for its vineyards, winemaking, cognac production, unique culinary dishes, and natural cheeses. Its main attraction is the unique picturesque nature in the center of the Caucasian Ridge and the Black Sea coast attracting travelers from all over the world.

Before starting your travel, I recommend to rent car in Tbilisi, because it’s would be much more comfortable to travel in the country and make you able to visit interesting places any time you like. I can suggest GSS Car Rental company as they have reliable vehicles at affordable prices. All you will have to do is to visit their website and make an online booking.

Car Rental in Tbilisi

Georgia is an ideal country for recreation – you won’t need a visa in most cases to visit a country. The climate and nature are pleasing, you can visit beaches and mountains at the same time, the infrastructure is developed, and local people are friendly and hospitable. In Georgia you can taste a very delicious cuisine and wines at a reasonable price. it’s a small country by its area, but here you will find a lot of existing attractions.

You can travel in the country at any time of the year. In summer you can rest on sunny sea coast, and in winter, Georgia offers great ski resorts. In spring and autumn, it will delight with beautiful waterfalls and the fragrance of flowering meadows. It is important to make a route beforehand and think which landmarks in Georgia you would like to see. I can suggest visiting the following paces:


Mtskheta is located near the capital of Georgia and if you rent car in Tbilisi you will get to the destination in about twenty minutes. This place is considered as the main Orthodox center of the country. In the 11th century, the Svetitskhoveli church was built here, which, despite some lost frescoes, still makes an indelible impression. Its architecture, non-standard masonry stone of different shades, makes the buildings unique. Tourists often come here from all over the country to admire the Life-giving Pillar, inside which stands the image of Jesus Christ.

The monastery of Jvari can be seen in the mountains from Mtskheta. This is a bright architectural creation of medieval Georgian architects, founded in the 7th century. Now it is a functioning monastery, which offers a stunning view of the connecting streams of two rivers Aragvi and Mtkvari and the city itself. You should also definitely walk through the narrow streets of Mtskheta and drink a cup of aromatic coffee in a local cafe.


It is a unique underground city consisting of caves, UNESCO protected site, built more than 3000 years ago. For today about 150 caves out of 700 previously existing ones have been preserved. Archaeologists have noted the presence of wine storage, stone stoves, theater, pharmacy, throne room and long tunnels and reservoirs for water supplies carved into the rocks here. The most interesting places for tourists are the hall of Queen Tamara and the Prince’s Church, also other ancient churches and wine storehouses.


This part of the country is considered as a birthplace of Georgian winemaking. The world-famous Alazani Valley with its popular grape variety – Saperavi is located here. While traveling in Kakheti, pay attention to Telavi – the heart of Kakheti. In the capital of the region, it is easy to find a bed for the night. The town is full of inscriptions and advertisements for guest houses, hostels, restaurants and cafes with national cuisine.

You can visit Alaverdi in Kakheti, it is a functioning monastery with an ancient frescoes on the walls. Also Gremi Castle is one of the most visited parts of Kakheti. Gremi was a huge royal castle, through which all the main trade routes passed. The fortress of Nekresi is one of the most important sights of the country. The beautiful majestic building is located on the rocks above the Alazani Valley.

Surely there are much more interesting places to visit in Georgia, so all you need is just rent car in Tbilisi and start exploring the countries astonishing landmarks.

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