Repair cracked glass using doorstep car service in Gurgaon

A cracked windshield can make a car look unpresentable and unsafe for driving due to reduced road visibility. Also, no one can protect their car from chips and scratches. However, it can be easily eliminated using a specially designed kit or calling doorstep car service in Gurgaon.  Almost all types of cracks on the windshield can be repaired using car services or on your own using the same technology that is used in workshops.

Stages of windshield repairs:

The car glass repair is carried out in three stages:

Drilling cracks in glass

Before starting repairs, you should check the depth of the crack. It can be done using an ordinary sewing needle. This step is necessary to understand whether there is a defect only on the outer surface of the windshield or there is also on the inner surface of the triplex. You can check the severity of the glass crack by sliding the needle over the glass from the inside. If nothing hinders the movement, then the crack is not double-sided and can be easily repaired without fear that the glass will simply collapse.

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Next comes the hardest part of drilling a small hole at the beginning and end of the crack beam.  It will block the break in the crystal lattice of the glass, relieve stress from the surface at the repair site, and stop the crack from growing. To avoid the complete destruction of the glass surface due to strong vibration during drilling, it should be carried out with thin and very sharp drills with diamond dust or carbide brazing.

Repair of holes with polymer

After drilling each ray of crack, the next step is to repair them using a special polymer material. It is poured into each hole and hardens quickly.

To carry out this detailed work accurately, you can order an online car service in Gurgaon or use a special frame with suction cups. After completely filling the cracks with polymer, the frame is carefully detached from the glass, and a thin protective film (you can use tape) is glued to the surface in the repair area, which will protect the material until it is completely cured.

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Glass polishing

At the end of the repair, all you need to do is polish the glass in the repair area to completely hide the holes and the crack itself. You can use a sander with buffing wheels and a specialized polishing paste for polishing the windshield.

This step is not so much complicated as it is very laborious. It requires a lot of time to completely “wipe” the repair area and achieve complete transparency of the glass and the disappearance of all visible defects.

Now, it has become evident that repairing cracks in the windshield is not as difficult as it seems, and you can do it quite well on your own. In addition, even similar repairs in the car workshop are carried out using the same technology, using the same tools and materials.

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In conclusion, it is worth remembering that the appearance of cracks on the windshield of a car is unpleasant and unsafe. Cracks grow over time, reduce the driver’s normal view of the road and create eye discomfort in the car interior.

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