Restaurant Marketing Guide: Tips and Tricks for 2021

The restaurant industry worldwide is coming up with novel techniques for marketing their businesses. It’s become an imperative as restaurant sales have been battered by the outbreak of COVID-19.

Restaurant Marketing tips and tricks for 2021

Let’s check the various ideas that can help market your restaurant more effectively.

Have your own online-delivery arm – 

As per Forbes, prior to COVID-19 69% of consumers ordered food online, but that number has grown to a staggering 88% during the pandemic. Hence have your own food delivery app so that your customers find it more convenient to order. Also get your restaurant listed on third party food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato. 

Push notification marketing – 

Another strategy to boost sales and engage customers is through push notification marketing. Communicate seasonal offers and discounts via this channel. India’s leading restaurant management software such as inresto campaign helps you identify the target audience and market via SMS, E-mail or push notifications. Automate your marketing campaigns and schedule in specific time intervals. With inresto, you can also monitor the effectiveness and ROI of each campaign. 

Online reputation marketing – 

As per the survey results by Trip Advisor, 94% of US diners are influenced by online reviews. Hence build a reputation by responding promptly to comments posted by users online. Especially with negative reviews, pay extra attention and try to resolve the issues quickly.

Social media engagement – 

Focus on increasing engagement with customers on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is very important to know that you can visit this site to increase Instagram followers.

There are several software tools available, which helps you gauge the engagement metrics. Personalise your social media posts and make it relevant so that it boosts customer engagement. 

Parting Words 

The outdated marketing techniques will no longer help increase sales at your restaurant. The above tips will definitely expand your customer base and increase sales in the long run. 

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