Rollover Requirements in Online Slots: What are they? 

If you have signed up to receive a promotion or bonus, you may have come across something called the rollover requirement. This can usually be found in the terms and conditions of a promotion or bonus – check out FreeSlotSites.

What is a Rollover Requirement? 

The rollover requirement is something that all players 토토사이트 will have come across at one time or another. However, it is not always fully explained to players. Essentially, the rollover requirement is intrinsically linked to promotions and bonuses that players sign up for. They require players to wager a certain amount of cash before they can withdraw their winnings. The rollover requirement is more commonly referred to as the wagering requirement. An important part of the terms and conditions, the rollover requirement must be met by players within the designated time frame in order for them to collect their full winnings. It is always vital that a player checks the rollover requirement of a slot before agreeing to a bonus or promotion as this will let them know the timeframe they have to meet the requirements. 

Why are they Needed? 

The wagering requirement is often viewed as one of the most frustrating parts of a bonus or promotion, particularly when it offers a very strict time limit. There are actually a few very good reasons as to why casinos use this requirement. 

  1. It stops people signing up to a casino site, claiming the bonus money and leaving. The wagering requirement ensures that casinos aren’t just giving money away and that they still have a chance to make a profit. Any money which is won before fulfilling the wagering requirement is stored in a special balance which will read as pending. If the player doesn’t manage to fulfil the conditions in time, they will lose the money.
  2. It encourages a player to keep using the site. A wagering requirement will need a player to wager their bonus money a few times over before they can claim their winnings, this results in them playing much more than they otherwise would. 

Terms and Conditions 

The player will find out all about any possible rollover requirement when they look at the terms and conditions of a slot. The terms and conditions essentially list any rules and regulations that the players must follow when they sign up for a bonus. 

  •     Failing to check the terms and conditions can be disastrous as an online casino will rarely tell players every piece of information about a bonus or promotion. To save yourself from any surprises, it is important that you check.
  •     Things such as withdrawals, betting limits, time limits and possible forfeits will all be listed in the terms and conditions. Failing to meet these rules and regulations will result in a player being unable to withdraw any winnings that they have accumulated from the bonus.


The rollover requirement is actually very simple to understand, it just starts causing issues when players forget to check the terms and conditions of a promotion and as a result completely miss the requirement.

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