RS3 – How to Level Up Woodcutting Fast

Here’s what you need to do to get your Woodcutting skills up quickly.

Skills in Runescape 3 have a lot of advantages that can benefit you in your run through it. They are great ways of earning Runescape gold and getting you through the general grind. In this instance, we are going to be taking a look at the quickest ways in which you can reach level 99 in Woodcutting.

Level 1-15

So, for the first 15 levels, we are going to keep it simple by using just regular trees. These really aren’t hard to find, as they’re located pretty much everywhere in the game. If you are looking for a good starting place, try the Grand Exchange. Not only is it useful for Runescape items, but it’s also useful as a marker for finding standard trees.

Level 15-30

Once you reach level 15, you can then move onto oak trees. These can be found over by the Varrock West bank. There are three oak trees nearby, and you can choose to bank the logs if you’d like to. Either way, this is the location that you need to be at to carry you to level 30.

Level 30-35

For the next five levels, we are heading over to Draynor bank. Just outside, you are going to see plenty of willow trees. So, if you’ve been looking for a place to cut them, then the bank is the place to go. They won’t fetch you much RS3 gold, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time here anyway, since we will be moving on after we hit level 35.

Level 35-47

Getting us to around level 47 will be teak trees. You can go inside the Tai Bwo Wannai if you want to find the most effective area for this method. If you are going to use this technique, then you will need 100 trading sticks. You can buy these from the Grand Exchange, and it won’t cost you too much of your RS gold either. Whilst you are cutting the logs, you should drop them as well. This is a method known as power cutting. This will make sure that you are getting the most XP on an hourly basis, since there is no bank in the area.

Level 47-80

When you have finally made it to level 47, you are going to be switching it up to Acadia trees. These will be able to take you all the way to level 80. These are found over in the Imperial District of Menaphos. These trees are your best way to train Woodcutting fast. If you can get to the VIP skilling section of Menaphos, then you will also find the trees located here too.

Level 80-99

We are at the home stretch now for getting ourselves up to level 99. For the final 19 levels, we will be taking on the Within the Light quest. This will allow us to use the Crystallise spell, as well as the prayer known as Light Form. When we use this spell on a tree it will increase your XP gain by 50%. That said, you won’t get any resources from it. Meanwhile, if you have the prayer active, then you will be boosting your experience by 87.5%.

How to Make More Profit

If you would like to shift focus to RS3 gold, then there is a way to make some profit. It isn’t by finding certain Runescape items, but rather a particular tree.  Trees in general don’t offer you much in terms of Runescape gold, but once you get to level 90 there is something you can do.

Specifically, we are going to be looking for Elder Logs. You won’t find them on monster drop tables, so the prices that you’re looking at will be expensive. You can start cutting these trees at 90 even when AFK to make some extra gold.

There is a bit of a respawn time to contend with. Elder trees can be cut for up to five minutes, then they will take 10 minutes to spawn again. With that in mind, you should start out to the south of Yanille. From there, go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold bank and head to the north-west. Finally, go down to the south of Draynor Village bank and you’ll be all set for a good rotation.

This is a great way to make RS3 gold. You won’t find any RS3 discontinued items to benefit you here sadly, but still, you’re looking at a fast and profitable way of maxing out your Woodcutting skill.

Have you used these Woodcutting methods to get to 99 faster in RS3? Let us know your adventure using this Woodcutting skill in the comments section below!

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