SAP Business One on HANA: The Key to Successful Enterprise Software Deployments

Small businesses have generally been working with the traditional systems and have experienced inefficiency and lower productivity in their production levels and the output from the employees. SAP Business One on HANA offers the solution to them where they can use it to improve on the efficiency and the productivity of the company’s processes thereby improving the profitability.

Let us understand the benefits of SAP B1 HANA for your company

It helps in integration of processes across the company, there can be different processes in different department and therefore lack of coherence between them can cause loss to the company. SAP B1 HANA helps in the integration of the processes across the company

All the operations in the different departments of the company can be streamlined, the departments can be accounts, finance, sales, marketing, trading, distribution etc. can be streamlined with the help of SAP Business One on HANA, leading to better coordination between the processes, there is better utilization of the resources, prioritization is much easier and effective, helps the management in taking decisions much more easier and effective

SAP Business One on HANA is an in memory computing software which leads to a much faster processing time in comparison to the traditional ERP system they offer. This helps in reducing the processing time, thereby improving on the efficiency of the systems and increasing the profitability of the company.

SAP B1 HANA is a centralized database where the data is stored centrally and therefore can be accessed by both the top management of the company and also the salespeople. This helps them in knowing on the status of the projects and can take the decisions accordingly.

Real time reports can be generated and in the format that is desired by the management of the company, this can help in getting the complete view of the process and the stage of the important tasks and also the financial condition of the company.

SAP B1 HANA provides an important tool that helps the company in beating the competition as it can improve the processes and increase the efficiency resulting in reduction of costs and improvement in profits.

It has been seen that small and medium enterprises use traditional ERP software in their organizations and are apprehensive to use the new age ERP software due to the costs. But With SAP Business One on HANA, it has become possible for the small business to get the technology with which they can improve o the processes and compete with the larger firms based on their productivity and efficiency, the return on the investment is much more in comparison to the cost involved.

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