Save money on moving costs during the pandemic

Moving home is not only hard, but it is also expensive. In terms of crisis such as we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of home moving may be even higher. The world is just starting to open up after close down for months, and lots of people are cash less now. The combination of being low on funds and still having to move home is very hard.

Tips to reduce moving cost during the pandemic

We completely understand the need to save costs and spend less anyway you can. So, we have come up with the following tips to support you save money when moving during the crisis.

Use second-hand boxes

Using second-hand moving boxes to pick your house is a remarkable way to save cash on your moving costs. On average, people move house every 10 years and buy new moving boxes to use for each move. 

High standard moving boxes can be reused a few times before the sturdiness of the box begins deteriorating. You can buy second-hand boxes from your removalist firm or on online marketplace sites such as Facebook, eBay, or Gumtree with discount codes, and promo codes. If you know of a family member or friend that has recently moved, you can also check to view if they have any moving boxes they can provide to you.

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Book your removalists for a midweek move

Some moving firms provide promotions and discounts during the middle of the week, Tuesday to Thursday, so if you are flexible with your moving date, then reserve a midweek move. You can score remarkable deals such as discounts off hourly rates or even a promotion including free boxes for moves.

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Reject organizing removalists on the weekend and public holidays as these are the most famous days to move and often have top rates. Removalists are awarded penalty rates on the public holidays and weekends and these charges are reflected in the moving costs.

Move some items yourself

By moving some of your belongings to your new house, this will decrease the number of items the removalists need to manage. The smaller amount of things the removalists move, the affordable your home relocation cost will be.

As most moving firms charge on an hourly rate, moving less amount of items means they will be working fewer hours. It also means you will be capable to get a little truck, which will also come at a lower rate.

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An amazing place to begin is to move the little items yourself such as hanging clothes, boxes, little appliances and little plants. You can leave the big bulky items such as big appliances, couches and mattresses to the professionals.

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Do not move what you do not need

Moving home is the best time to declutter your home for a fresh and clean begin. While you are packaging your belongings, you will probably come across things you have not touched in years or may be fully forgotten about.

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Before you add it all in a box, sort through your stuff and plan if you want to keep or remove it. If you intend on selling or donating it, do this before you move. is the best entertainment website in the word

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