Seeking Compensation for Car Accident Injuries Caused by a Houston Drunk Driver: What if the Insurer is Ignoring You?

If you have been in a car accident caused by a drunk driver in Houston, you expect to get a call from their insurance company soon. Or maybe you have tried calling them but failed to get a return call from them about your claim. While you are trying to seek compensation from the insurance company, your car is still not repaired and you have mounting medical bills. This inaction from the insurance company may be beyond rudeness and they could be doing this intentionally. However, you don’t have to fret over this because an experienced houston car accident attorney can handle the insurance company for you. 

Why the Insurance Company is Ignoring You?

Insurance companies designate insurance claims adjusters to handle claims. As the adjuster process your claim, they will keep the best interest of their company in mind. The following are reasons they may not return your calls:

  • They want to wear you down. Insurance adjusters know that as a car accident victim, you may need to pay your medical bills and get your car repaired. But you may not hear from them, which could leave you stressing over what could happen to your claim. Not returning your calls is a strategy that adjusters use to slow down the settlement process. They could be hoping that you would be happy getting just any amount from the insurance company.
  • It is not a legal requirement. Returning your calls is not a legal requirement under Texas law. Insurance companies can resolve your accident claim on their own timeline. The only time the company is not bound by any timeline is when you get a judgment against the negligent driver in court. 
  • To increase the company’s profit. Insurance companies make more money when you accept a lowball settlement offer from them. By failing to return your calls, they delay your claim and make money. This happens while you suffer from an injury through an accident caused by a drunk driver.

What to Do If You Don’t Get a Return Call from the Insurer

If you are not getting return calls from an insurance adjuster, hire a skilled car accident lawyer. Adjusters may be more responsive when you have legal representation because they want to avoid trials as much as possible. If your claim cannot be resolved for the amount you demanded, your attorney can sue the drunk driver on your behalf. 

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