How much my car is worth?

In the day that the printed price guide was king, the dealers were able to find the value of a used car by living their thumbed copies of the manufacturers’ guides. The process is unavoidably online, and different calculators can price your car and accurately compare it with others of a similar type and specification. The process is now available. Age, kilometre speed, and ownership numbers are as relevant as ever, and always reflect how much your car is worth in the first calculation. These measurements may seem crude, but are essential metrics for car valuation. Many financing deals impose annual mileage limits on cars because dealers must know how important it is when the car is taken back to the conclusion of the agreement, because of the need to protect these residues. Condition is also important, and a low-mile car which has a tough life and is covered with teeth and rags will obviously be worth less than one that has greater numbers on the tank. However, the price of trade often contributes to the renovation necessary, so that age and kilometres remain essential to set value for your car. Visit Motorschaden Ankauf, if you want good deal for your car.

Should I sell my exchange?

You have the time and the will to get the car sold for you or simply to return it and proceed to the next one. This depends on you. Privately selling you should see a better car price based on the full advertised value (the car) going directly into your pocket. It also means that, instead of having an algorithm, you can control and value the process. The business is also quite conservative in type, age and car specification, and if your car is older, has miles more than average or is unusual or quirky, you can do better with private sales. This applies especially to classic or specialist vehicles. But it can be a hassle to sell privately. Calls and e-mails from prospective buyers must obviously be able to be placed, displays organised, documents managed and a secure method for paying if the sale is carried out. At every step of the way, potential troubles exist and many sharp operators are willing to benefit. And you are on your own if anything goes amiss.

How much should I sell it for?

Be truthful. Unless you have to put your car in line with others like it on the market, even at “delivery miles” or particularly at exotics. And buyers of mainstream models always filter at first cost so don’t get the price off the sale. However, your advertised prices are a good guide for similar models. You have to take into account that this ‘preliminary price’ includes the addition of cars that are sold with retailers or with dealers, so that the partial exchange or trade value offered to you can be significantly lower.

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