Serverwala: When is the Right Time to Host Your Website on a Dedicated Server UAE?

Are you thinking of commencing your own business in the UAE and developing a website for it? or you just want to look further for your web hosting business expansion on a large scale? Then you knocked on the right door.

You might be wondering when is the right time to host your website on a Dedicated Server. You have many choices, such as a shared server, a virtual private server (VPS), and a dedicated server. Users choose shared hosting because of its cheapest plan. VPS is also affordable. But when it comes to handling high traffic, growing the business, experiencing high uptime, etc., only a Dedicated Server UAE is the best choice for you.

So, if you are willing to know the right to switch your hosting, then this guide is for you. Let’s get started!

What is a Dedicated Server UAE

A Dedicated Server is an internet web hosting or an isolated server dedicated to a single client. It is suitable for various web developers, designers, business persons, entrepreneurs, and individuals. This is best because it gives users the complete dedicated set of resources that you don’t need to share with others. So, any user can host a large website having thousands of web pages on it and use its resources. It handles high traffic, gives you an optimized performance and blazing fast server speed.

Further, the Dedicated Server in UAE provides you with all the reliable resources and high quality services such as Dedicated RAM, Bandwidth, Storage devices, SSD storage, Backup, and much more. You can employ all these resources to make your website high-performing and speedy. Your website hosted on a Dedicated platform never undergoes downtime, network failure, and unavailability of resources.

Moreover, UAE based Dedicated Server offers you two types of web hosting plans – Managed Dedicated Hosting and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting. So, if you have enough time and sound technical knowledge, then you can buy unmanaged plans. In contrast, if you run a side business and do not have enough time to manage and maintain your server, you can opt for Managed Hosting. In this, your web host manages your hosting.

When Should You Buy a Dedicated Server UAE Solution?

A Dedicated Server is undoubtedly the first choice for businesses that want to grow their business and explore more opportunities. Therefore, you should also buy the Dedicated Server in UAE if you’re going to employ the following services for your website:

#1. Highest level of Privacy

Whether running a small or a large business website, data privacy is the most important thing. Even users who run critical websites require private data backups for their websites; Privacy is a must. No doubt, a VPS Hosting gives you a high level of security and enables you to install many secure custom applications but may be disqualified at a certain point because of following the principle of shared hosting. Instead of that, your hosting is under control in a UAE Dedicated Server. So, if you want high data privacy and full server access over all the security software, you need this hosting because it ensures high data privacy.

#2. Configure the Server as per preference

You don’t need to compromise resources when you choose the UAE Dedicated Hosting. This is because it gives you the flexibility to configure the Server as per your preference. Also, you can have complete root level control so you can operate and manage your Server accordingly. Further, you can choose your choice of operating system, instantly custom applications, and scale up resources quickly with the UAE Dedicated Server.

#3. Isolate yourself from others

Apart from privacy, Dedicated Server offers you a user-friendly and highly isolated environment. As in VPS hosting, another website also uses the same resources on a physical server. That means one website has to wait for the resources. This may reduce your site performance and slow down your website. A Dedicated Server in UAE gives you a complete isolated system in which you do not have to share your resource and ensure the high availability of resources for your website.

#4. Stable and Predictable Performance

If there is a massive amount of traffic on your websites and you want web hosting that can easily handle it without affecting your website performance. At that moment, you may need the Dedicated Server UAE hosting. Because it gives you dedicated resources, high performance, specialized resources than a VPS hosting. For example, a basic VPS plan comprises 2 GB of RAM, whereas the primary dedicated server gives you 8GB of RAM.

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Serverwala: A Brief

Serverwala is a leading and award winning web host provider that caters to its reliable web hosting services globally. This hosting includes shared hosting, VPS server, Dedicated Hosting, cloud hosting, cluster server, and colocation hosting. All these hostings come up with a bundle of industry leading resources and services, such as High security, dedicated RAM, unlimited bandwidth, consistent support, user friendly hosting environment, and much more. Because of these services, Serverwala has won many awards and is willing to cater its services worldwide. Further, the company has the best team of experts for providing you consistent support. So, you can reach them easily via Whatsapp, Email, Call, Chatbot, etc.

Best Plans and PAckages of Serverwala Dedicated Server UAE

The Company Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides various Dedicated Hosting UAE plans and packages that comprise a high level of services and resources. Their Dedicated plans are available for both operating systems – Windows Dedicated Server and Linux Dedicated Server. So, you can pick any one of them.

Unique Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server China

#1. Root Level Access

To operate and manage your server, you need root access. That’s why the company gives you complete SSH root access with the Best Dedicated Server in UAE. So. with the server management, you also configure each resource on it. You can install any custom made application, remove software, scale up resources, ensure high security, and much more easily. You can also know about web time clock.

#2. Easy Customization

With an easy customization facility, you can select all the necessary resources that you require for your hosting. It means you do not need to pay any charges for unnecessary services that are not useful for you. By simply customizing your needs, you will pay only for the services you wish to use.

#3. 99.99% uptime guarantee

When a significant amount of traffic comes on your VPS server, then it is unstable to handle and slow down your performance. Whereas the company provides you 99.99% uptime commitment with their dedicated server UAE hosting. So, your website never faces any technical problems and gives you seamless performance.

#4. Solids State Drives

You can choose the storage needs for your website from SSD(Solid State Drives) and HDD(Hard Disk Drive). Both are used to store high quality website data and give you optimal performance. But Solid State Drives are popular and best thought out for fast performance and speedy servers.

#5. Operating System Choice

With the Cheap Dedicated Hosting Server UAE, you are entirely free to choose the operating system for you. If you want to run your website on a user-friendly platform, you can select Windows Dedicated Hosting. If you’re going to run your website on an open source platform, you can choose Linux Dedicated Hosting. Both the OS are different in terms of technology and functionality. You can choose according to your budget and requirements.

#6. Control Panel Choice

Similar to that of operating system choice, you can also have the freedom to choose the best and compelling control panel options for you along with your best Dedicated Hosting UAE. But for that, you need to first select the OS; if you choose windows, you can choose to opt for the cPanel. If you go with Linux, you can use the Plesk control panel options for your website.

#7. Easy Billing Softwares

Serverwala provides you an easy and highly secure billing system that you can use to safely make the transactions. In return, you will get clear invoices with detailed information about your order and services.

#8. Greater Control and Scalability

Dedicated Server is basically known because of giving the highest level of server control and scalability. With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server UAE hosting, you can employ the benefits of complete server control. Also, if you need additional resources, then you can scale them up quickly as per requirements.

#9. 24*7 Consistent Support

Support is the foremost thing that is important for every user with their hosting. Therefore, the company provides you round the clock support. So, you will not face any problems with your hosting. Further, you can connect them via various communication means such as WhatsApp, Skype, Live Chat, Email, etc., for instant solutions.

Along with these principal features, the company provides you the latest technology based hardware equipment, a robust intel core processor, 20 X faster server speed. All these factors help you to boost your business.

Final Words that you Need to Know

A Dedicated Server is one of the most demanding and one stop choices for businesses that run their large scale websites. It gives you more compelling and robust resources with the best quality hardware and software equipment. So, if you want more scalability, customizability, reliability, security, control over your server, and much more. Then, it’s ideally the right time to host your website on a Dedicated Server in UAE. When you buy it from Serverwala, you will get an additional set of benefits that helps to accelerate your business growth. Therefore, enjoy your hosting with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server UAE hosting and maximize your revenue within the shortest possible time.

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