Serverwala – Why Should Transfer The Website on US Dedicated Server From Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is the prior when you start your web hosting because of its low cost, limited resources, easy setups, and management services. But when your business starts to grow, it exceeds the existing resource limit and makes your site more sluggish, low performing, and inactive to deal with traffic. Apart from that, it shares its website resources with its neighboring sites that make your website unsecure. That’s why it is not appropriate for your large scale business website.

Whereas, In Dedicated Server Hosting, users get unlimited, reliable services and dedicated resources that are completely devoted to them. Under US Dedicated Server, you won’t need to share your website resources with any other sites. Instead, the customers and users can have accessibility and control over their dedicated resources such as RAM, bandwidth, memory, CPU usage, and much more. You can customize and upgrade them quickly at any time. It can also handle the high traffic on your website while ensuring to keep your site always up and high performing.

So, if you want to know in detail why you should transfer your site on Dedicated Server USA from shared hosting, this guide is for you. Also, later we tell you which web host is best for you. Let’s get started!

Why Not Host a Business Website on Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting that is best for business beginners, startups, and small businesses. It is much cheaper than all other web hostings and comprises all the primary resources & services. In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a physical server and share their resources with each other. This resource sharing raises security issues, low speed, sluggish performance, and much more. Also, it can’t handle the high traffic on websites. Therefore, during peak hours, you may lose thousands of deals that affect your business revenue, growth, and online presence. Therefore, business owners who want to host their large scale websites avoid hosting their business websites on Shared Hosting. Instead of that, choose to host on a Dedicated Server Hosting in the USA. Moreover, if this is not enough for you, we let you know some more disadvantages of choosing Shared Hosting. Let’s See.

Disadvantages you must know.

Take a look at the common disadvantages of hosting your website on a Shared Hosting:

  • With shared hosting, you will get the Limited Resource Availability in which you want to share them with other sites, which means all the sites fighting for the same resources.
  • Shortage of Resources and high traffic lets your site Sluggishness downgrade your performance and speed.
  • Your site gets to stop working during busy hours because of having the limited capacity to deal with users.
  • Resource Sharing makes the shared hosting more Vulnerable to Security Issues.
  • You can’t ever expect Good Customer Support from your shared hosting providers.
  • Bad Neighbours slow down your website.
  • You will get the platform built for limited Software Installation
  • Shared Hosting being the cheapest one, gives you Limited Bandwidth.
  • The web host manages your server. That’s why you don’t get any Root Access.
  • You will get the Free SSL certificate with higher hosting, whereas you need to pay Additional Payment for an SSL certificate in shared hosting.

This broad range of shared disadvantages stops you from being hosting your business website on a shared server. Instead of that, You should choose the USA Based Dedicated Server that gives you plenty of benefits and opportunities to grow your business.

Benefits of Selecting the Dedicated Server USA

Dedicated Server hosting is a web hosting type that gives you bundles of highly reliable resources and a broad range of benefits. So, here we enlist the top services of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting USA that you can employ to meet your business requirements. Take a look:

#1.Server Management

With Dedicated Server in the USA, you can opt for the managed and unmanaged hosting plans. If you host your site on an Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting, then you can manage your server. Else, you get complete server management support from hosting setup to its maintenance with the Managed Dedicated Server plans.


If you choose shared hosting, you can’t expect scalability because it comes with the limited resources and restrictions. Whereas, Dedicated Server in the US gives you higher scalability services. So you can quickly scale up your hosting resources whenever required or necessary.

#3.Highest Security

Security is the most crucial factor for every business owner who wants to do their business online. It’s completely impossible to secure your site data with shared hosting because of the resource-sharing nature. In contrast, a Dedicated Server US gives you the compelling and standard security measures to keep your website secure from unauthorized access and hacks. It gives you standard DDoS protection, Antiviruses, Server Secure security, Malware scans & Removal,s and much more elevated security measures.

#4. Administrative Access and Server Configuration

Shared Hosting gives you the complete server setup with all the maintenance support instead of giving your server access. So, you can’t install any custom made applications on your website. Instead of that, the best benefit of choosing the Best Dedicated Server USA is that you can have the complete root-level control in your hands. So, you can make any changes while ensuring to perform all the server configurations.

#5. High Availability

While hosting your website, you need intense and high availability of resources. Therefore, choosing a resource-intensive platform such as a Cheap Dedicated Server in the USA ensures high performance, greater speed, and the highest uptime for your website.

#6.Operating System Options

You can choose the type of user friendly operating system on which you want to run your website, such as Windows, Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc., with your hosting package.

#7.Hardware Choices

Hardware specifications are the components and equipment that bolster your website performance and speed. So, if you choose the best hardware for your website hosting, your customers can experience better performance. Therefore, a USA dedicated server gives you the flexibility to select Hardware such as RAM, Storage, Memory, SSDs, HDD space, and much more to ensure your website always stays high performing.

#8. Customization

Shared Server comes with a limited pack of resources. Therefore, you can’t get the choice of customization with it. Whereas Cheap Dedicated Servers USA gives you high customization flexibility so you can customize your services and resources at the time of buying your server hosting.

These powerful resources and exclusive benefits of dedicated servers in USAenforce you to host your website on a dedicated platform instead of Shared Hosting. But, it is also important which web host is ideal to buy the cheap US dedicated servers for your website hosting that gives you all these premium benefits at an affordable price. Don’t worry if you have no idea. Just check it once that Serverwala meets your requirements.

Serverwala – Providing the Best USA Based Dedicated Server Hosting

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is one of the leading and offshoring web hosting providers that provide you various web hosting services. These services include shared, VPS, Dedicated, Colocation, Cloud, and Cluster Servers. With all this web hosting, the company provides you an array of rock-solid services, including customization, root access, server management, hardware choices, high availability of resources, Scalability, higher security, and much more at an affordable price. Along with these benefits, the company provides you industry leading features.These benefits and features meet your business requirements and help you to grow your business. That’s why Serverwala is the best Dedicated Server Provider USA that best for your business website hosting. So, let’s know what type of plans it offers for you.

-Principle Features of Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting USA:

  • Choice of Operating System
  • Choice of Control Panel
  • Enterprise-Grade Resources
  • Real-time Server Monitoring
  • Easy Service Customization
  • Hardware Level Control
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Complete Root Level Control
  • Optimized Performance
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • 100% Dedicated Resources
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Services Level Agreement
  • Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Choose the Best Plan According to Your Requirement

The company Serverwala Cloud Data Center provides you various web hosting plans and packages, including the Cheap Dedicated Servers USAThis hosting plan gives you all the exclusive benefits and principal features that you can employ for your business website hosting. Now it’s your turn to select the best and cheapest dedicated plan that accomplishes your website requirements from various available plans.

Final words you need to conclude

Dedicated Server is a one-stop solution for your website hosting that gives you bundles of powerful and compelling resources that you can employ to make your website highly responsive and dynamic. Whereas you can’t get such flexibility with the Shared Hosting. Also, a USA dedicated server can handle the websites having thousands of web pages without letting them down and efficiently handle the high traffic. Whereas Shared Hosting can’t handle the increased traffic during peak hours. In short, unable to accomplish your business requirements. Therefore you should Buy Dedicated Server USA hosting to transfer your data from shared hosting. So, you can easily keep your focus on your sales and many more business growth opportunities.

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