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It’s a well-known fact that computers make our lives easy by a significant margin. Starting from the smartphones that we use to communicate with our near and dear to those big data centres hosting vast amounts of information globally, we know computers come in different sizes, form factors and are ready to take on any work. People from all over the world use computers at their home, work, and even in transport. However, consumer-grade computers in themselves are a broad spectrum and are very different from one another. Proper care must be taken before one decides to buy a computer. The market, being filled with many original equipment manufacturers marketing their products themselves, makes it difficult for an end-user to see the bigger picture and choose the ideal system built for their requirements. Independent computer store websites help end-users by providing a catalogue of products that span across all available manufacturers, across all types of hardware and software.

More options, more savings

When it comes to business, the brands always like to flaunt their new tech. It is a common sight that the original equipment manufacturers spend a lot more on advertising their unique, high specced systems that capture much awe and attention than focus on systems built for productivity. Computer stores, independent from selling one particular brand’s products, generally have an extensive catalogue of products to choose from. And they give more importance to all the categories of users, right from the general public looking forward to buying a computer for basic web browsing and schoolwork to custom machines built for specific high-performance computations like cryptocurrency mining or gaming and video creation. The presence of more products in the market with similar specifications leads to competition in the market, resulting in reliable products at affordable prices.

User Experience

Two things make a great experience; the ease of finding something a user needs and the after-sales experience. It is no secret that with the advent of new CPUs and GPUs capable of doing actual calculation rather than just fun, gaming and content creation has become increasingly accessible for people with an even lesser budget. This has turned the industry to shift the focus to the glamorous aspects of gaming and content creation, thereby losing focus on a market that has always been a steady customer base for them – the utility computing market. This shift in focus has made it increasingly difficult for end-users to browse through entire listings of products built for their line of work. Such users mostly buy some machine the manufacturer wants them to purchase, rather than getting a computer the user needs.

On the other hand, a computer store works mainly for this fixed customer base, making sure to give ample space for the productivity lineup of computers, thereby catering well to an average consumer. Such stores even know what they are selling and make efforts to filter out useless products and not sell them, keeping in mind the serviceability. This makes stores an excellent option for users to get their stuff from. Moreover, the manufacturers usually charge the total retail price for things on their websites. At the same time, third-party computer stores do better justice to the customer base by taking only a tiny cut of the profit, enabling them to sell the products at offer prices way less than the original equipment manufacturer websites. One of the facts about money people tend to forget is that it feels good while it is still in their pockets. Why spend the extra bucks when there are a lot of reasons not to!

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