Smoke Canadian Edibles In the Great Outdoors

The marijuana plant being legalized in some countries and in all of Canada has played a big role in allowing you to smoke cannabis wherever you want.

If you are Canadian, this means you can smoke cannabis freely. However, just like how smoking tobacco is not allowed in certain areas, the same rule will apply for marijuana products as well.

In this article, we will go over some of the ways to smoke cannabis in the great outdoors. Canada has provinces that are known for their nature and beauty. 

It would be such a waste if we don’t take advantage of this and get high while looking at beautiful scenery.

Just like how you want to smoke cannabis in the best place possible, you may also be searching for the “best online dispensary Canada.” In this case, we recommend looking at the top 3 choices of any search you make for good marijuana products. They are usually ranking high for a reason!

Smoke Cannabis in Parks

No matter where you go in urban cities, there would always be parks around you. There would be less parks if you head out to more rural areas, however, parks will always be around in cities with lots of people.

If you want to be considerate, maybe don’t smoke marijuana out in the open for all the world to see. There may be kids around and you wouldn’t want them to smell cannabis, would you?

A good option is to vape cannabis juice instead. In this way, the smell is basically odorless and you can do this discreetly out in the open.

One good CBD product to try is the Canadian edibles. The simple reason is that it is so easy to use and you can still get the benefits of cannabis without showing the world you are using weed.

So, you can even use these pills near kids. They won’t even know!

Smoke in Countryside

By driving some distance away from the city, you can actually encounter lots of empty land that not a lot of people reside in.

This makes for a great place to smoke cannabis without anyone bothering you at all.

It may be wise to bring a friend or two along with you. In case anything happens, there would be help right next to you.

If you prefer to just go smoke by yourself in the countryside, make sure to let someone know where you are. You can never be too sure what may happen in the case of an accident.

With that aside, you can now go enjoy your smoke outdoors!

Smoke Cannabis in a Concert

Since not all concerts may allow you to smoke anything at all, you would have to read the rules for this one.

The last thing you want to do is start smoking cannabis like the Canadian hashish and find out that what you are doing is not allowed at these concerts. You could be kicked out and miss out on the experience to watch your favorite concert that you saved up money to watch.

On the off chance you want to be a risk taker, you can always hide your cannabis stash in your shoes or in the bra of your female friend.

Concerts are a place that has lots of people and is usually very loud. If you can sneak in some cannabis, no one would be the wiser and everyone is just looking to have a good time.

Now I would not recommend doing anything illegal, so always try to adhere to the rules of any venue to ensure you have a good time.

You can always smoke cannabis outside the concert venue.

Smoke Cannabis at the Beach 

In Canada, we have many famous beaches that tourists travel far distances for. Depending on the time of the day, there could be many families with kids that are enjoying the sand and water.

Picking the right time to smoke cannabis at the beach is crucial if you don’t want the cops to get called on you.

Even if it is perfectly legal, it is still not courteous to smoke in front of many people. These people just decided to enjoy the sun and seaside, they did not ask for the cannabis smell to breathe!

It is also a good idea to bring some comfortable mats and shade, maybe even bring a pop up tent that is easy to set up.

By doing this, you will limit the attention that other people might give you when they realize that someone on the beach is smoking up some cannabis joints.


There you have it. You have now learned some ways to smoke cannabis in the great outdoors. During summer times, it is especially great to just let loose and enjoy what nature has to offer us.

Always be mindful of the people around you and have a good time.

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